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OTTO - WOW! Thank you so much.

Otto has been such a phenomenal success we are going to keep the free shipping running to the end of the month. We will also start offering it in bulk economy bags as soon as we can catch a breath. Thank you guys so much for your amazing support.


  • Will MrSnuff and such be carrying it?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    Yes, All retailers will be able to sell OTTO.
  • Ok...hope they get some soon, not that I am against an all Toque order just have had my eye on some other snuffs as well.
  • Can't be as good as ours ;)
  • I respect your hustle and hard work and will leave it at that!
  • LOL!

  • I had high hopes for Chancellor, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. Good work! 

  • I would be curious to hear any comments on the mentholation...the stand Toques with fruit and menthol are really the only ones I can tolerate with frequent use. They seem so less heavy than others.
  • houtenzielhoutenziel Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    @snuffandsympathy - The menthol in Chancellor is really subtle compared to something like McChrystal's O&G or Ozona President. I would almost call it an SP with a hint of menthol added, as I get quite a bit of citrus and a biscuity aroma off of it. SPs and Menthols happen to be my favorite, so this is a match made in heaven. 
    I can't speak to the others in the line. They might contain a lot more menthol.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    @snuffandsympathy I find the Otto classic fruit snuffs' medication to be a bit more subdued than the original Toque fruit menthols. I find the Otto easier to take

    Also, I agree with @houtenziel the Chancellor is my favorite Otto so far
  • Just made put in my.order of 5 to try, now the month long wait for it to show up lol
  • I think Chancellor is going to be a huge hit. its amazing!
  • The Schmalzler gives Chancellor a good run for my favorite Otto :D
  • Good to see i.e. read they are such a great success.

    When I do my next order at Toquesnuff I definitelly gonna buy some of these. But there are still several fresh Toques vacuum sealed in my cellar.. :D
  • @Humppa free shipping this month so no need to wait
  • @ar47 : Yeah I read it. But I still have a bunch of tins around stashed in a lot of places... They need to be emptied until I order more. Gonna see more in a few weeks. No doubt, Otto will be still available then.
  • I just tried the Otto CM for the first time.

    It's a very nice cherry menthol.  After the initial scent died down a little, I detected a bit of a nutmeg smell.  Were any spices added to the snuff?
  • fredhfredh Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    I tried the Otto Schmalzler, which is a non-menthol snuff.

    I am, unfortunately, adversely affected by menthol and thus do not partake of menthol snuffs or anything else menthol. 

    But I can tell you that the Otto Schmalzler is the very best schmalzler I have ever tried. And I have tried almost all of them (non-menthol) at one time or another, including many that are no longer available. The Otto version now goes on what I fondly call my "Forever Toque List" along with Spanish Gem, Quit, SP Extra, Ambrosia, Pomegranate, USA Whiskey and Honey, and all my other Toque favorites.

    When those German made schmalzlers go to sleep at night, they dream of being Otto Schmalzler!

    Great work @Roderick! I will be ordering a lot more of this fantastic snuff.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Otto now available on  Click the link :)


  • Just got my order in with the full line of otto I've been away from snuff for a while but these are definitely top notch
  • Thus far I've only had the Otto Schmalzler and the Otto Chancellor. I'm finding the Schmalzler a bit just okay so far. Maybe it will grow on me. But so far I'm not really getting the plumminess, nor indeed that warm richness of my favourite Bernard schmalzlers. The Chancellor on the other hand is a revelation. Great upfront bergamot with a mild menthol backnote and a sweet tobacco-flower-ish almost aromatic base clearly discernible. An outstanding snuff.
  • Mine showed up today, 13 days from toque to Canada has got to be damn close to a record.

    Have only tried the AM so far but it's very nice. Can shovel it up my nose it's so easy to take
  • Just got a tin of Chancellor today and it is very good! I will have to try all of them, but I will wait until the bulk economy bags are ready. 10 grams I can use in a couple days, but I'm going to go easy so I don't run out. I am really impressed with this one! Perfect grind, perfect moisture level, and wonderful scent. Roderick has created masterpieces before but Otto surpasses them all.
  • When we be able to order bulk bags? I'm ready for a big bag of Glacier!

  • From the first of next month we hope to have OTTO in economy bags.
  • Can't wait to try Otto. Which one has highest nic, or are they all basically the same? Might hold off until economy bags.
  • They are virtually all the same.  I'd try a couple in the tins to find what you really love and then buy bags.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    The ClassicRM (Raspberry Menthol) has emerged as my clear favorite. I didn't see that coming. I grabbed the (second, first is empty) tin this morning before my wife could :)

    The Schmalzler is spectacular too, and I like Glacier a bunch as well.

    Chancellor has a lemon grass aroma which I really like but my nasal cavities don't like it. It throws off my stomach for some reason, and that's halfway through two 10g tins
  • I am really impressed with Otto! I've only one tin of Chancellor, but I just ordered all of them except Schmalzler. I can't wait to try the fruity ones as well as Glacier. The Chancellor is better than any SP I have tried. And I've tried them all. The scent is great, and the tobacco is superb. Five stars for sure.
  • Why is it that CHancellor is labeled NON-MENTHOL on Mr. Snuff then goes on to describe it as a Mentholated SP? They seem to have several cases of Snuffs being mislabeled when it comes to Menthol on their site.

    Just received Chancellor a few days ago and have to say it is very nice. Not usually a fan of SP's but the Menthol adds another dimension and the Citrus flavor seems to last a while. Looking forward to Glacier and hope it is a Menthol BOMB! 

    Good job Toque!
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