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Any Modern Snuffbox Makers?



  • New! Rococo Tough Metal Snuffbox - Gold
    I ordered this roncoco aluminum snuff box on amazon a couple of months ago. Works great for me! I carry with me everywhere. It is kinda ugly but it is very functional.
  • KhefKhef Member
    @Buddy_H  I had been looking at those. I was just plain unsure. Good to know now, should I need another one in the future. Thanks.
  • @RS422 So are those some sort of tap box and the slide on the side kinda an elevator to bring the snuff to the hole? They look really neat, but I just want to know exactly how they work before I order one.
  • @Buddy_H They have a slide presentation on the website on how they work. Someone on Snuff Nation on facebook said they are nice. Just ordered one last night. They hold 4 grams.
  • KhefKhef Member
    edited March 2019 PM
    I just received my paduak wood box from Heartwood (2"x1.5" roughly), It fits about 2 grams and taps out a nice amount, if top pulled back right; or you can pinch out of it with ease. or search heartwood 
     It was smaller than I thought, but perfect for travel or daily use.
     $18.00 Usd, well worth it to me.
  • I find the 3" Heartwood boxes better suited for snuff. They hold roughly 10g of snuff, the exterior dimensions aren't much bigger than the 2" boxes but the interior is much larger.
  • KhefKhef Member
    edited March 2019 PM
    I wouldn't mind getting next size up, especially the rectangular one. I see a better selection on site,c compared to their items on Amazon.
  • just picked up a flat 3x2 and a medium 3x2 direct from heartwood. 5 percent discount with news5 for the code at checkout
  • @Buddy_H I just saw the Rococo metal snuffbox on Amazon earlier these week. Out of stock, then the only place I could find them appear to be scam websites, all run by the same firm....

    I did grab couple of these. They will hold close to 10 grams but I would put less
    snuff box 4 (2)
    snuff box 2 (2)
    snuff box 1 (2)
  • Just to give some perspective. 25 gram tin, silver Dimeapple 10 gram tin, black Dimeapple, bottom left Toque Flask, Bottom Right Flask purchased from Mr. Snuffsnuff box 3 a
  • The  top picture of my first post is a 10 gram tin open and this alumimum container open, the next pic is with both closed. Bottom picture of 1st post has a 10 gram tin placed in it. It goes to the grooves and the width stops it there.
  • @Slide Would any of these scam websites happen to be I recently posted a link to them, as they have nearly all of the well-known Rococo boxes, plus some new stuff. I would hate to post a link to sonewhere bad.
  • Modern snuff boxex is the topic... well ... the Schnupfdosli comes in mind

    I have one of these massive full aluminum tins and I used it for some time in the past.

    No idea why I retired it. I think I should put out of the cellar and back to duty again. These things are indestructible.
  • @Fantastic_Floyd That is not one of the ones I recall but I will look at it. The sites I saw had a really eclectic collection of stuff. Kind of like they were collecting web searches to be the scam site for everyone
  • @Humppa Those look brilliant! Unfortunate that they don't ship internationally, I'd be in for sure. Apparently Rococo makes a similar (though far less elegant) version, available on the domain that Floyd posted... I'm tempted. Do you find snuff gets into the threads when you screw/unscrew to change the hole size?
  • No, there is no snuff in the threads - at least not as much as it would have influence of the operation of the tin.  I really like mine - there are several holes for the decision which size of pinch you prefer.

    Built like a tank and it fits the amount of one day pinching in there nicely.

    If you are interessted you could ask one of the Verkaufsstellen if they sell internationally. I don
  • For now I'm going with one of the Rococo ones to save some time/money in case I don't end up using it much... but assuming it works for me, tracking down an international seller for the original Schnupfdosli is next on the list! 

  • Check etsy out for snuff boxes, they have some real treasures on there
  • @Chapman Just got one from France on Etsy. Unused from the 1930
  • @Rs422  hey i just got one from france from the 1930s too!!  Is yours wood and bone?
  • Mine also stated the 1930s, but who knows lol. I got a dark wood box with a metal 4 leaf clover, seems to be a pretty popular one as I have seen the exact same looking one many times.
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    @RS422, I wonder if it was the same seller, The inside of my box has pretty rough gouge scrapes, which tend to hold snuff in them. Not to big of a deal I guess since my nose doesnt seem to pick up any ghost scents
  • I just looked at Ari D Norman s website, and their silver snuffboxes are still showing up there. Not at all cheap, but very nice.

  • @volunge this just reminded me of my cassubian horn with metal nut. It was my birthday present of choice last year. I procurred it from this site:

    Just decided to fill it with VD, however fine grind snuff suit better with this snuffhorn. Its simply easier to take since the lid is quite small.
    Quite pricey because its handmade but very handy



  • Nu bardzo fajna tabakiera! :) Neat and great size! Looks like the one for a good day's-worth amount (3-5 g).

    A hole of those ceramic ones looks too small for coarse grind. Besides, might be on a heavier side, they are app. 10 cm. But they are relatively cheap, 5-6 Eur. I'll try to procure one someday, if they ship outside Poland.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Laba diena @volunge, aciu. Yeah but Im really not into snuffboxes, prefer to pinch. Its good for traveling tho

    If they dont, no worries just PM me and we can figure it out.
    Im definitely going to Kaszebe this summer. They have large variety of all the equipment in local shops from what I remember.

    Little off-topic, I have a vivid flashback from vacation in Kaszuby region years ago, when I was a kid. I was sitting with my family outside the restauramt waiting for a lunch order. Out of nowhere cames the 'strange' clothed dude, offering every customer sitting here, a snuff.. sadly, not for kids
    Guess I was enough intrigued by this to stuck in my mind to this day :D

    Also, I remember the big banner on shop there with a picture of shiny black snuff horn, similar to ones you posted. I imagined this must be some kind of flat iron , for real =))
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM
    Dzieki za oferte, @Johano!

    @Mr_O, Italian and Portuguese jewellers still make snuff boxes, too. It seems that this genre is alive.
    Found some at Russian retailers: (Italian) (Italian) (Italian)

    (all silver)

    And a Russian one: https:// (EDIT: the rest of address is in Cyrillic and got cut, can't paste it; the snuff box is neat, though, so I'll upload the image in the next post)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2020 PM

    925 silver

    serebryanaya-tabakerka-36-50040036??05 address
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