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Is it OK to snuff everyday?? How often do you take snuff?



  • I snuff most the day. About every 5-20 minutes. I slow down a lot at end of day when I'm about to go sleep. I use snus late night and just lay around. Tho I'll take a few sniffs of something special before bed.
  • Sometimes its miserable 4 pinches a day. The other day I end up wondering where the heck did the half of the snuff go outside my tin in just a few hours..
    I think its around 25 g a week
  • The answer to this from my end now is that is NOT ok to NOT snuff every day :) The moment I stop snuffing for a day or two, it takes my nose longer to get used to it again. 
    So I snuff all days, every day, anywhere, everywhere. 
  • I guess we snuff everyday because its tobacco and its addictive.
    Otherwise we would snuff only in special occasions, like in a 'perfect for a pinch moment'.
  • Interesting thread. I think I've been what you would call a most casual snuffer since the mid-nineties when I entered college and discovered the stuff in a wonderful place called Campbell's (The Store With the Red Door) in East Lansing, Michigan.

    Out of doors, I'm a pipe smoker. Inside, it's snuff. Perhaps a little over ten grams a week, estimated by my purchase of a tin a week.

    Some of you fellers must bleed brown! Humbling, to be honest with you.
  • I go through peaks and troughs depending on how many cigarettes I have smoked
    But on a good day I will pinch all day from any tin in front of me
    Though Id love to have a regular all dayer fingers crossed for Bernard Original!
  • I want to be honest. I d like to take more often a pinch or a nose of snuff. But during work - I mostly just forget to take snuff. LOL!

    When I m at home - on weekends or during free days I use to take pinches most of the time. Or when I think about it.

    In the evening I pinch all the time. I come up to 1 up to 4 gramm a day. Depending on what is going on. Just right now I have a mighty pinch of Viking Blonde in the nose...
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