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Toque Bespoke with me?

Hi, I'm going to make 2 bespoke orders from Toque early April. I think, not 100 percent sure that anyone interested can throw in on an order with me. So I don't know the minimum u would have to buy to put in on the order maybe Roderick could clear that up. I'm going to be ordering a Chocolate Orange Schmalzler at 800 grams. The scent profile was actually suggested to me by Roderick cuz he had a sweet tooth at moment and I wanted a schmalzler made. So if you want in on the Orange Chocolate Schmalzler and u can put in money for what amount u hope u can get on or before April 3rd leave reply.

Also going to be doing another 400 gram bespoke alongside that but wanted to hear snuffhouse community ideas for that one. I heard not 100 percent sure that Toque is experimenting with an orange or citrus scent? Maybe we can make a snuff with that? I thought a toasted peanut butter would be good some day but I think I would need to purchase a larger amount to have anything toasted? If you could mix up a Toque snuff from what they have to offer what would u think sound good?

So let me know if you want to throw in on a large bespoke order from Toque but again I'm paying for what I'm getting on April 3rd. The 800 gram chocolate Orange schmalzler is for sure. Also a 400 gram whatever sounds good that's possible for a bespoke too. Let me know your ideas it would deff help with my order.


  • So far I'm thinking for 2nd bespoke economy bag a lemon lime with a tiny tiny bit of menthol. Like a cold Toque mountain dew. Or maybe something like glacier or something similar to sd medicated but different.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    The USA Citrus is really good, if you have not tried it yet. Also, have you tried the regular Peanut Butter?

    I am trying to figure out what I want from them sometime, too. It might be juniper berry and sage, they go well together. Considering adding blue chamomile and or rosemary.
  • Oh I like that idea of Juniper berry and sage. Field of Junipers from Sir Walter Scott's is one my favorite snuffs would like to see a Toque version of that. Agree about the rosemary and chamomile too. I don't know if I could bespoke that tho cuz toque may not have the ingredients.

    Toque peanut butter was the snuff that got me into snuffing! That and toque chocolate and toque coke. They have a special place in my heart as the snuffs that started this journey.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Fist bump there! I mixed a small amount of those two in a jar, and I thought they worked nicely together, was about 4 parts juniper and 1.5 to 2 parts sage. I will have to try adding some rosemary and once I buy a new bottle of the chamomile, add some of that as well. I will have to ask if all of the oils are convenient enough for them to use them. Was just curious about the P.B. as I remember it having a good amount of the scent.
  • I would be in for the choc orange and anything citrus-y. I really like all of Toque's citrus blends.
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