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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @allex I'm probably the big fan that everyone is afraid of lol. I do love toque tho been doing about the whole collection today minus absinthe and cheese and bacon but if I wasn't out of them I would deff throw some that cheese in my nose too! Now to decide which snuffs are coming with me to my bro graduation party...
  • edited March 2020 PM
     Taking advantage of Toques free shipping over $25:

    1 25g Lavender
    1 25g grapefruit
    1 25 g original
    1 25g rose
    2 25g natural
    medium French Carrotte.

     Kind of regret not throwing in a  tin of the CBD, and forgot i was going to add some otto schmalzler, which i love, even though the oils in it burn my nose.
  • I ordered 

    Samuel Gawith Irish D 25g
    McChrystal's Mulled Magic 3.5g

    Just waiting for the update that it's been delivered to me.  Usually, the day after I've placed the order it's already on its way to me.  Maybe I need patience ;) 
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Im still waiting for my order from snuffstore.. I hope it will arrive tomorrow, its been 8 days since it came out. No tracking number tho, so Im a bit worried that it takes so long. Im running out of snuff :-S
  • @Johano, are there any direct UK-PL flights left? Most, if not all, are cancelled, I think. Our post notifies about bad delays due to slower ground mail being used.
  • Toque economy 50g Lime Toast
    O&G 2x25g
    F&T Macouba 25g
    6 Photo Super Kailash 25g

    First order in a looooong time. I was worried it might be held up by border closures on both sides of the pond because of nCoV19. I had forgotten how good fresh snuff is. Especially a great big pinch of O&G. Arrived just in time for our social distancing and self-imposed shelter-in-place.
  • I m thinking of ordering Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon for the first time.
    Any thoughts on this snuff?
  •  Being an idiot with beginning symptoms of T.A.D. and despite being temperarilly unemployed, i went on the Snuffstore website today and ordered:

    2 Mullins & Westley Paticular 25 g
    2 M&W Mature Crumbled 25 g

     Never tried before but i'm almost positive i will love them.
  • Oh my.. just figured out that house number I given was cut-off, as seen on order confirmation email.

    Perhaps thats because of my 'too long' street name. Happened once already, with MrSnuff. Half of the adress was missing! This time I hadnt noticed that.

    I just mailed snuffstore and tommorow will call my post office to check if the package is still there.
    Hopefully :(
  • Just received (all 25g):

    WoS Best SP
    WoS SP100
    WoS Best Dark
    WoS Gold Label
    GH SP
    Toque Original
    Toque SP Extra

    @Johano, ouch! I hope your snuff gets to you soon buddy. The post can be such a pain!
  • Half a pound of Crumbs of Comfort

  • To avoid traveling via public transport to my local store this week, I decided to order at Toque. Free shipping encouraged me to buy more than usual.

    Toque USA W&H 100g
    Toque USA Chocolate 10g
    Toque Quit 10g
    Toque Peanut Butter 25g

    I hope it will arrive next week...
  • My order contains:
    2 x  Dragon Madras 100g
    2 x  Viking Dark 25g
    4 x  FUBAR Snafu Plain 30g
    4 x  FUBAR Snafu Medicated 30g
    1 x  McChrystal's Original & Genuine Minor
    1 x  McChrystal's Glacier Minor

    I cant wait to try Viking Dark, Dragon Madras and Snafu but
    Unfortunetly its 16 days without the weekends and my order from snuffstore has not arrived yet :-(
    Usually its here in the first 8 days.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    @ALLex same here. Its about 2 weeks now. They mailed me back saying that it can take even up to 28 days!
    The flights are definitely still going on so there must be some delays on checking the packages, cleaning procedures due to corona, thats my guess..
  • I'm sure it's down to ground mail in Europe. Now.
  • @volunge couldn't find any info, how do you know that?
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Yeah my last package, well first took 6 days including Saturday and Sunday.  Now this 2nd package it's at 7 days and it didn't come this morning.  I ordered the 16th and it was dispatched 2 days later.  Hopefully it comes this month
  • @Gormur this is a bummer man. Real snuff crisis ...
  • @Johano, sorry, mate, it seems I was over-generalising about postal services being limited to ground mail.

    I have just checked updated Royal Mail International Incident Bulletin, so far air connections have been severely limited only in Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Lithuania (as announced by Poland is unaffected, but "delays to mail services can be expected". (scroll down for Poland).

    However, due to the ongoing pandemic, some extra safety measures can be applied, which means a slow-down in delivery. For instance, Estonian post informs that "shipments from risk areas will be quarantined for 72 hours in the airport terminal". And risk areas are... all countries of the world?
  • I ordered from Mrsnuff on the 19th..and just got my order, stamped from the isle of man, yesterday.  So i'm getting my orders.. Hope you get your package soon @Gormur.  Maybe the guys at customs are just sampling it..
  • @volunge indeed, turns out all post officies here works only to 2 PM now. Also, the 24h/d postal centers are only sorting during daytime. No wonder why there are such huge delays.
  • Understandable.....but Ugh! I'm not a real patient guy at the best of times. This is especially true when I'm waiting for a prized order to arrive. I'm waiting for an order of SNUS and nic pouches from Oh well....they'll arrive eventually.
  • I didn't order from Mr. Snuff, but the other site that's based in England ;)

    Anyway it says 3 to 10 days, well tomorrow is Friday and it'll be 10 business days since I ordered from them; so we'll see what happens.  If they don't deliver I guess I'll give up
  • I really want to try this Mapacho Rustica :
    but its not in my near future plans due to the high shipping price to Europe.
    Someone in the US must try this and make a review for all the rustica lovers.
    @Caprtainblackboogers have u ever tried it? I think its way different than Toque Rustica.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    @ALLex, just add good amount of alkali to any powdered rustica, and you'll have your own rapeh. Start with 6% by weight, if playing with potash or sodium carbonate. If you prefer slaked lime, start with 3%. Folks in Amazonia use ash.
  • @volunge do i need to disolve the alkali in water, put it in the snuff and then let it dry? I never tried it due to not having a scale and i really dont like to play with chemicals in something i will put in my nose. 
    btw i didnt mean i dont like Toque Rustica, its very good and i enjoy it for occasional pinches and of course i have a 100g jar in storage. I just thought this mapacho rustica is another type of rustica.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Yes, you simply mix tobacco flour with aqueous carbonate solution or add dry alkalizer and some water. Mix thoroughly and let it rest for a few days in a jar or airtight tin. With fine grind, don't exceed 20% moisture content (by weight). With coarse, it is easier to work with 25-30% moisture. Alkalizing (= freebasing nicotine) makes substantial difference in terms of nicotine bioavailability (uptake).

    I learned this lesson 20 years ago. I got a hold of some locally grown (LT) rustica and was very excited about it. The potency was literally mind blowing. That is, smoked. Surely, I soon ground a bunch of leaves for snuff and was surprised to find out that it did pretty much nothing, taken nasally. Just some burn and... wth, no nic kick whatsoever. Back then I didn't know a thing about different nicotine uptake mechanisms (lungs vs nasal/mouth mucous membrane) and nicotine freebasing with alkalis, so could not help but wonder what the hell did I do wrong...

    Digital scales is handy thing. If you ever consider obtaining it, do yourself a favour and get 0.01 g precision. 0.1 is a hassle to work with small amounts.

    P. S. Snuff chemistry is basic, major ingredients (alkalizers, salt, menthol, camphor, essential oils) are considered "natural" and safe.
  • @volunge thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! 
  • From Wilson's & Co.

    2 x Large Ani Extra
    2 x Large M Root
  • Sitting on my hands waiting, I decided to order a small tin of W.E. Garrett Scotch
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