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Deeming Laws

If you smoke a pipe, you surely have heard that many of the pre-2007 blends are going away soon.

Is there any similar effect taking place for snuff?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Not in Europe. Closest move on the EU's agenda - a ban on menthol cigarettes in May.

    Latest snuff-related grim news come from Leicester, UK. As announced at, McChrystal's are temporarily halting their business due to the virus outbreak.

    Sorry to hear about pipe blends. Is it EU, UK or USA legislation?

  • This is USA FDA and I think I found my answer if I'm reading this correctly:

    Who has to pay user fees and what are the deadlines?

    A final rule on user fees that accompanied publication of the final deeming rule explains that FDA can only assess user fees on tobacco products that fall within the six classes specified in the law. Cigars and pipe tobacco are the only deemed tobacco products that fall within these six classes.

    Since August 8, 2016, the total amount of user fees has been allocated across cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, and roll-your-own tobacco. Accordingly, assessments on individual manufacturers or importers that currently pay user fees will likely either decrease or remain the same depending on the classes and volume of tobacco products they produce.

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