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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Toque coarse plain

I believe this is what it's called--no longer listed on the website. It was only in 400g bags. I think it is essentially toque natural in a coarse grind. Reminiscent of some of the de kralingse in consistency.

Anyway, I have a bag and wondered if anyone else had any especially good mixes to "jazz it up" a bit. It is good on its own (just like natural), but where natural was fine and delivered nic more quickly, it was a bit more congruent with the very short lived but lovely aroma. The coarse I feel inclined to leave in longer, but the aroma is gone very quickly.

I'm sure a 50/50 with Berwick brown would be splendid. And I have jars with small amounts of all the F&T line, although the grinds would not congrue totally... Any ideas would be welcome.


  • If this coarse plain flour is the same tobaco flour which was meant for homemade snus making, I would first thing ask @Roderick if it's just coarsely ground tobacco, or does it contain alkalizer, that is, was it actually processed into a proper snuff, intended for nasal intake.
  • Yes, that was one for home snus makers. It has been salted but only as a preservative and not for snuffing as it burns.  Funnily, i am being asked to bring it back.
  • @Roderick I know quite a few homemade snus aficionados in the UK alone. Guys having problem sourcing whole leaf and flour locally as of late...
  • I recently found a 50 gram bag of Toque rustica coarse, maybe from 6 or 7 years ago. It's very dry, and the scent is almost imperceptible. But it's interesting to me that the rustica never really found a big fan base. I actually prefer the more refined tobacco. To each his own I guess.
  • So is there more or less salts in this then other snuffs Roderick? It certainly doesn't bother me nose I've been chain pinching from it lately!
  • It has much less and would burn a newbie.
  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    @Roderick is the rustica on your site a ready to snuff... Snuff? Or does it require processing? I just got a bag in the mail last week and im working my way towards it...
  • Snuffalufagis,

    I hadn't thought of that. It comes to us from Poland, South America and India and is undiluted until we add it to our snuff making process.  However, our bags of Rustica are just straight out of the barrel and also very lightly salted hence the burn. If one was crazy enough you could make a Rustica snus.
  • @Roderick so its not treated with any alkalizers correct? I ask because after taking a few pinches I didnt get the nic hit I get from, say, your natural toast. No big deal, im just wondering where I need to start if I plan on casing, fermenting or perhaps making a snus blend. I used to be a 2 pack a day smoker, so a good wake up kick is hard to aquire lately lol
  • Yes, the Rustica is untreated bar a minor salting for preservative measures.
  • I'm not sure whether you'll give an answer to this, Roderick, but I'll ask anyway. I have 400g of your Plain Coarse stashed away for snuff purposes. How do I sauce that to make it fit for purpose? As it's already partially salted, if I sauced it as per the resources linked to on for plain tobacco flour, will I ruin it by over-salting it?
  • No, you should be fine.  I'd do it in two stages if you can. Just reduce the brine a little and split your flour so that you can add more flour if the ph is too high.
  • Perfect! Thanks Roderick.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    Here it is, back in stock again: .

    @Roderick, how much salt (if any) does this coarse plain flour contain, exactly? By salt, do you mean sodium chloride, or alkalis? Is it conditioned with water, or comes bone-dry? Can you elaborate on it?
  • @volunge not all can be given freely I guess
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    @StudiodecolBleu, if I understand it right, this product is not a snuff. It's a tobacco flour, intended primarily for homemade snus.

    Most (if not all) snus makers love to know:

    1) what exactly is in the blend - what type of tobaccos a particular flour contains (air cured, flue cured, fire cured, sun cured; Burley, Virginia, Oriental, rustica etc; lamina / stem proportion),

    2) type of grind,

    and need to know

    3) if it's processed, so called Express flour (pre-salted/pre-alkalized and pasteurized), or not (Raw flour).

    Such flour (both kinds) is very popular in Sweden.

    Now selling "salted but only as a preservative" is quite unheard of. Like has been mentioned before, usually tobacco flour comes either raw (ground-only, dry, without any salts/preservatives), or fully pre-salted, pre-alkalized and pasteurized (basically, a ready-made plain snus, sold dried and w/o humectants; to turn it into a suitable for consumption thing all you have to do is to mix it with water and let it stand for a while). And there's absolutely no sense to sell salted flour, that is, a dry flour which contains only sodium chloride, for dry flour doesn't need any preservative. Salt only acts as a preservative by reducing water activity, and it's not possible when the medium is dry (with already low a w). Same goes for a ""very slightly salted rustica". So, it's rather odd.
  • There really should be some commentary on the website about it. Without knowing exactly how it has been prepared and with what additives it could prove disasterous to the unwitting customer.
  • @volunge to my mind I perceive what toque would be doing is offering some that may not be able to obtain snuff due to local law. With a bit of leg work for the customer.

    @roderick does toque still offer the ability for customer to request their own blend?
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