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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Toque is limiting sales to France

To all our French customers we have had to put a maximum of 100 euros per customer. Please bear with us all French orders will be met.


  • Hello Roderick.
    This sounds like   "The Great Salad Cream Scam"   about ten years ago in the UK.
    I don't know if you remember it, but the plot goes like this.
    Apparently salad cream sales were down in the UK and over a good many pots of tea, cream buns and liquid lunches, the sales staff came up with an absolute howler of an idea.
    They put out a rumour to the media that salad cream was to be no longer manufactured, due to a decline in sales.  So the housewives and house hubbies , mentioned the hubbies just to be politically correct, yawn.
    They all dashed out to stock up on the last of the available salad cream in the country.
    Sales boomed and eventually the cat was let out of the bag.  Big bonus to the salesman/woman that thought up the wheeze.

    So if it is not a cunning plan,   why the hundred euro limit?

    Cheers Rodney, and I do hope the lockdown isn't screwing up your business. Good snuff makers and suppliers are getting a bit thin on the ground.

    Good Luck.

  • ArtChoo, 
    I laughed at first but, this is more serious than that.  We are not a salad cream maker.  We are not going into decline, far from it.  We have just had our best month ever.  But we are a small company and we can't cope with sudden surges in demand.  This has to be said, it is down to our French sales going through the roof that we have had our best month ever.  We have had one customer buy just over 1,000 Euros worth of snuff and that is very unusual. It may have been a shop but it is not normal.

    I think it may be down to the French press telling everyone that nicotine is a barrier to coronavirus.  I have stated else where that this is wrong.  It is not Nicotine, it is solanine.  NRT products have all but disappeared in France and the French are turning to snuff.  I have to limit the sales in France as we are not a huge multi-national and since the FDA ruled against our US bricks and mortar sales we don't make as much snuff as we used to. We would have satisfied the FDA and been back in the USA by June if Coronavirus hadn't happened.  

    We/I also don't speak French very well and there are no French snuff forums that I know of.  I know and respect you and in normal circumstances I would have just laughed with you, But this is serious.  Best wishes and stay safe.

    I do also remember the salad cream story, was it true.  If so, who ever thought of that was either a genius or a nutter. 
  • jpsksjpsks Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    good news.. shame I haven't seen any articles in the big American newspapers or news outlets yet thou 

  • That's lousy Rodney, seriously good news combined with seriously bad news.   
    That's the kind of luck I seem to encounter.
    It will be just my luck to win the Readers Digest Grand Prize Draw, and find out that it is an all expenses paid trip for two, to Wuhan.
    Good luck  Rodney.

  • LOL! Same.  
  • Solanine, as in the chemical in potato greens? Do you have an article by chance?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    @Snuffalufagis, I suppose it's a joke. I didn't manage to find a single reference to solanine content range in tobacco, and I dug like a maniac. Or is it a homeopatic wonder-case where minuscule amount (supposedly) does the trick?

    Anyways, good point was made in another thread - while there are many other edible plants, containing copious amounts of solanine, no one smokes/sniffs potatoes, tomatoes or paprika. Can't beat that :)
  • I am starting to think it may be a combination of both Nicotine and Solanine. 

    There are some good articles in Science Direct, The US national Library of Medicine, Published Medicine and here are some other links I haven't had time to read Antiviral Activity of Tobacco Smoke Condensate on Encephalomyocarditis Infection...  Antiviral activity of tobacco leaf on encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus infection...  ALTERATION OF THE NASAL RESPONSES TO INFLUENZA VIRUS BY TOBACCO SMOKE
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Tried smoking some of those blue or green bits from a potato. I was young and maybe a bit reckless, my friend said that they contain some alkaloid. We did not have anything better to smoke at the time.
  • We've all done that. I've smoked banana skins, snuff ( story is on here somewhere) and aged 13 a friend and I smoked grass.  Not the grass you guys are thinking, real grass from the lawn. All to be cool, so sad.  :\">
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    The things we do when we are young. As I recall, the taste of coffee smoke was not bad.
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