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  • I am brand new to snuff so I just ordered a lot of different ones to try from toque and MrSnuff.  We'll see which order get here first. :/

    J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g

    Wilsons Irish No. 22 25g
    Wilsons Best SP 25g 
    Wilsons Jockey Club 25g 
    Toque Spanish Gem 10g 

    Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux Large Tin

    Toque Almond Toast Bullet

    Silver Dollar 10 Tin Sample Selection 

    Silver Dollar Apricot, 

    Silver Dollar Medicated, 

    Silver Dollar Vanilla, 

    Silver Dollar Spearmint, 

    Silver Dollar Natural, 

    Silver Dollar Licorice, 

    Silver Dollar Coffee, 

    Silver Dollar Cherry, 

    Silver Dollar Blueberry, 

    Silver Dollar Scotch

  • I guess it's going to take a month for my previous order; shipped on the 30th of March

    The last order I placed was with Toquesnuff, so I'm sure they'll come around the same time

    This is exciting. LOL ;)
  • @gormur my order from mr snuff left last wed and is new York as of this morning. My last toque order came in 7 business days... Kinda odd how the cheaper shipping from toque is faster than others
  • Hedges, Gletcherprise, Old Paris. Trial order from The Briar Shoppe, in Houston. From a poster on Reddit who took some photos of their snuff stock. Looks like they could be a great place to stock up without the long wait time from U.K.
  • Been waiting on a Toque order since March 23rd.
  • edited April 2020 PM
     Mullins & Westley Particular 
     Rosinski Goldapper 
     Rosinski Kathnertabak 
    Rosinski Uckermarker 
    Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff
    Tiger Guarana 
    Sir Walter Scott's Golden Horn Snuff 
    Rosinski Stargarder
    Poschl Schmalzler Perlereuter
    Otto Schmalzler

       Sadly could only get 2 particulars from Mr.Snuff, there apparently being only two in stock.  Most of this order is new snuffs for me except for The Particular and Otto.


  • One pound tub of F&T Old Paris, I was thinking about getting a smaller selection of newer and more well remembered snuffs but I thought it would be better to get one large order of something I know I will enjoy for several years to come.
  • GormurGormur Member
    Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g
    NTSU Black 14g
  • ar47ar47 Member
    15 calendar days - order from Toque to my front door in central US. Love it!
  • Old Paris, Hedges, Gletcherprise. Ordered from Houston shop, 3x the price of Mr Snuff, but 3 days shipping. I'll take the longer delivery next time and buy a lot more snuff.
  • GormurGormur Member
    Finally, I received my 30th of March order today; I didn't realize it could come on a weekend

    Irish D 25g x2
  • m0gg3m0gg3 Member
    I got my order from after 9 business days. Really appreciated.

    I haven't tried all McChrystals yet, but some quick comments.

    McChrystal's Assorted Minors: Box of 12
    What a good box of flavors. Really nice to have some variety.

    Wilsons Best SP 5g
    Wilsons Best Dark 5g
    Wilsons Gold Label 5g
    For these I liked Best Dark the most. I like them a bit more coarse, moist and dark and this one is basically spot on. Really like the leather-like taste with the natural tobacco.
    Best SP is really good, but I'm not too used to the dry fine ones yet, but I'm getting there.
    Gold Label tasted like soap.

    Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g
    Took a few sniffs to get used to, but really like it now. Perhaps too coarse, since it takes some effort to keep it in the nose and it takes some space :P Usually take some after breakfast, and then later on the evening.

    Silver Dollar Coffee 5g
    Silver Dollar Scotch 5g

    Coffee, no go. Tried some times, but can't really get used to it.
    Scotch, tastes like smoke/bbq/grill. Lovely taste, but really really dry which makes it easy to sniff too far.

    Toque Cheese and Bacon Snuff 10g
    This one is special. The smell is not inviting, but the taste really has it's charm after a few sniffs. Don't know where to place it, but it's not as bad as I thought.
  • NikolaosNikolaos Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Orders from Toque starting to arrive.   (Thank you Roderick for the fast respond to my last order!)
  • Order from mr snuff is in the mailbox. 10 business days from order date
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Just placed from Team Toque:

    New to me:
    Silver Dollar Raspberry
    Silver Dollar Spearmint
    100g Rustica Economy Bag
    Toque Absinthe
    Toque Bourbon
    Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon

    3x Silver Dollar Licorice
    Toque USA Black Cherry
    Toque USA Wild Berry
    Toque USA Chocolate
    Toque Ambrosia
    Toque Spanish Gem
    Toque Almond Toast
    Toque SP Extra
  • tallazpipertallazpiper Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Order came in today (May 7) from Mr. Snuff.  Ordered April 25.  Just short of 2 weeks.

    J & H Wilsons Medicated 99 20g
    Wilsons Irish No. 22 25g
    Wilsons Best SP 25g 
    Wilsons Jockey Club 25g 
    Toque Spanish Gem 10g 

  • @tallazpiper, how do you like Irish No.22? Curious to hear, if you get that manure smell thing there (as in FoJ and HDT).
  • edited May 2020 PM
    My latest order from Toque. It arrived in 31 days, in case anyone is curious.

    Natural Toast 100g Actual weight 104g
    SP Extra 100g Actual weight 110g
    Quit 50g Actual weight 57g

    I weighed these three bulk snuffs as I packed them into small jars. They were all over the listed weight, and the total weight reflects this. I think that is totally boss, myself, and I thought others might like to know about it.

    6 tin sampler of 25g tins

    St. Clements
    Lime Toast
    Almond Toast

    Fribourg and Treyer

    High Dry Toast, large size x 3
    Morlaix, medium size
    Seville, medium size
  • m0gg3m0gg3 Member
    Placed another order from snuffstore:

    Although McChrystal's assorted minors was sweet, I got tired of them quite quickly, and just takes some now and then. I think they will be better in the summer on the balcony so to speak. 
    Aztec(Chocolate) is the one I always come back to a little more often, so I'll try WoS Africa as well.
    I got really attached to WoS Best Dark and Taxi Red from last order and therefore will try some Viking as well.

    1 x Wilsons Best Dark 25g
    1 x Taxi Red Extra Strong Snuff 25g
    1 x Silver Dollar Natural 5g
    1 x Viking Thor's Hammer 25g
    1 x Viking Brown 25g
    1 x Wilsons Africa 5g Tap Tin
  • Nice order! If you like Best Dark and Africa, you might be interested in trying the new WoS Brunswick Black Rappee and WoS Kendal Brown. They are not available at mrsnuff/snuffstore yet, but hopefully they will be stocked and listed this summer.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2020 PM

  • m0gg3m0gg3 Member
    Thanks for the tip! Will keep an eye on those :)
  • Toque order arrived today. 13 business days.

    1 w&h 50g
    10 for 9 sampler
    Almond toast
    Berwick brown
    Kentucky bourbon usa
    W&h usa
    So extra

    5 unmarked bullets
  • Toque order arrived today! I placed the order April 11th

    50 g Quit
    50 g Toque USA W & H (2)
    10 g Toque Berwick Brown (2)

    My first experience with the Toque Quit is a good one. I am a fan for sure.
  • After a long time some quality snuffs at last:

    2 x Sir Walter Scott's Mull of Oa Snuff 50g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 50g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend Snuff 15g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's St-James Parish Blend Snuff 15g

     hope it's fresh snuff because according to @Johnny Mr.Snuff re-stocked SWS in April!
    cross fingers and wait!
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Received my Toque order today

    Otto Schmalzler 10g x 3
    Toque Natural Toast 25g
    Toque Quit 25g
    Fribourg & Treyer HDT  large tin

    I was surprised that Toque Quit doesn't have the no smoking sign on it ;)
  • First time I've ordered snuff in a while.

    1x F&T Old Paris

    1x F&T Macouba

    1x F&T Santo Domingo

    1x F&T Princes

    Never tried any of them before, but have heard great things and am super excited to try them.
  • Macouba is in my top 10 snuffs. I also really like Old Paris and particularly enjoy it when its mixed with florals like Berwick Brown or Bordeaux. @hotak21 enjoy!
  • @Hotak21

    You've got four superb snuffs right there.
  • GormurGormur Member
    Today is Tuesday.  I got in the mail

    NTSU Black 15g
    Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g
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