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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Strong tobacco

dasrdasr Member
edited May 2020 in Other Forms of Tobacco
So whats up guys? I like other  forms of tobacco but they must be strong and dark. So like maduro brazilian and cuban cigars. rope pipe tobacco. All stuff that blow ur head off basically. I tried this mcchrystals crap. Took a pinchful and didnt notice the stuff was in my nose. Add that it cant stay in the front of the nose and you got a catastrophe. As I said all tobacco must be dark black coarse and mighty strong. African Caribbean south american. Like a good african woman should be with large bosoms to keep u warm all night and do the cooking too. Dont mind if she yells at you. You only to feed with her with cornmaize porridghe and some vegetable cucumber. Love my big strong dark africans. 


  • While some of the strongest snuffs are indeed dark, moist and more or less coarse (like SA, Icelandic neftobak or English KB type snuffs), the potency of snuff is not related to it's colour, and even not to the total nicotine amount, but to the amount of freebased nicotine only. Strongest nasal snuffs (to my nose) - Indian Madras (Janta Dragon Brand, 6 Photo MG Madras) - are medium brown. Some hail Indian whites as most potent, and they all are pale. Others praise rustica for nicotine - it's khaki.

    Most snuffs (but a few) are alkalized - raised pH freebases nicotine, turning it biovailable. All the strongest snuffs are highly alkalized and most of their nicotine is freebased. Weaker snuffs contain less alkalis and deliver less nicotine. Really, it's not related to the colour. Say, SWS Tears of Chios - it's dark and moist snuff, very tasty and nicely made, but really bland when it comes to nicotine delivery. Or Poschl's schmalzlers... Delicious, dark, but... absolutely non-alkalized and leaves you starving to death with a nosefull packed.
  • dasrdasr Member
    yes@ absolutely. But its not only strength in terms of nicotine Im talking about but "-body- -taste- -fullfigurdness- moist dark and mysterious
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2020 PM
    Here I concur with you, the darker the tobacco, the richer it's taste. While I enjoy some toasts and love Madras for nicotine, my "desert island snuff" would be neftobak - moist, coarse and dark. And yes, it does have a mysterious, very special note, like no other snuff - probably inherited from wooden casks where it's been maturated. It's made from air cured burley.

    Sometimes I get out of this world fruityness and schmalzer-like aromas from huge pinches of NTSU. On a clean nose, that is, with no other snuffs taken before.
  • dasrdasr Member
    I shouldnt said Mcchrystals is bad. Everyone has different taste. I might try it again now. I think my technique is better now. 
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