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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Chimo on ebay

I ordered some of this and DHL is dropping off June 3rd. EL TIGRITO CHIMO PASTA CHEWING JELLY GEL AMARILLO/ROJO/DORADO/AZUL 18 GRM. !!!


  • RS422RS422 Member
    Google it on eBay. The menthol and red can are real good.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    Thanks for the heads-up!  

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy It seems the more you order, the price is better.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    @RS422 It looks like there are 4 varieties.  Which have you tried?  Thanks!  

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy I like the blue menthol can. The red can has red pepper taste. Kinda hot and peppery, but good also. The menthol has a cool minty taste.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    @ Cobguy The blue and yellow can with the man on the horse is probably the closest to Chimo el toro.
  • CobguyCobguy Member
    Thanks again!  :)

  • RS422RS422 Member
    It made it out of Venezuala. In Panama now. Still saying delivering June 3rd.
  • CobguyCobguy Member
    edited May 2020 PM

    Thanks for the update, my friend Charlie (AZ Pipe Club) ordered some as well.

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy total of about 3 weeks total. 1 week to ship. 1 week to get out of Venezuala. And 1 week to get to Phoenix.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    That's really good!  Glad they got this figured out finally.  :)

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy Made it to Miami today. Whoop,whoop.
  • Have you tried the Tan one?  I can't figure out which flavor that is.  Maybe a sweeter version of regular?

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy Never tried the tan one. The light blue menthol is my favorite. Nice minty taste. You could email the seller and ask. He seems to be knowledgable about his products. He took a few days to answer me on shipping. He told me planes only picked up about once a week, but assured me that dhl would pick up and deliver.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    Got  chimo in the mail yesterday. 12 cans of the menthol. 1 yellow can was included free. 3 weeks to get.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    Ordered more Chimo yesterday. Should be here June 19th. Ordered 12 of the red can. Hot pepper taste.

  • I've gotta get on that!  :)

  • What is chimo like?

  • Chimo is the concentrated paste of boiled down green leaves with added alkalizers and flavors.  
    A small portion melts fairly quickly under the tongue and gives a hefty Nic-Kick.
    Unlike Makla or Snus, it requires quite a bit of spitting of dark brown juice.

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy I will be going up to Sedona on the 21st. I can drop you off some samples.
  • @RS422,  Thank you very much! 

    I'll PM my cell phone number and have a couple of goodies ready to trade.  :)

    Unfortunately, I will be at work so we won't have much time to hang out though.

  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy Unfortunately my plans for Sedona fell through. P.M me your address and I will get them in the mail over the weekend.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    Got 13 more cans of Chimo today. The red cans are hot pepper and the yellow can is similar to Chimo el

  • Sorry we won't be able to at least grab a coffee but appreciate the samples being mailed.
    PM sent with my address.  :)


  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy Looks like my next shipment of Chimo will be early again. Probably Wednesday. I will get three different ones shipped to you probably before the weekend.
  • RS422RS422 Member
    @Cobguy Darin, Got 4 different cans of Chimo in the way to you. Tracking sent to you by pm.

  • @RS422, I've been out of town but got the package yesterday.
    Thank you very much!  The "Red" is super spicy and I like that one a lot.
    Trying the "Blue" later today.
    Both are already better, in my opinion, than the El Toro version.

  • RS422RS422 Member
    Glad you are enjoying them. The blue menthol tastes like Begum Green in the mouth. @Cobguy
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