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Throat hits!

JernejJernej Member
edited February 2015 in Snufftaking
Now first of all, let me say that I'm not claiming I've found a new technique, this has probably been posted before. But it's the only thing that has helped me with the throat hit so I decided to share this from my experience.

I've always had trouble taking more finely milled snuff (I'm not talking about the infamous Indian white snuffs or anything like that, just some Toques and Wilsons of Sharrow). I hated how I couldn't take some of my favorites without getting a throat hit and coughing. I tried dozens of techniques - doing it with moist fingertips and nostrils, using a snuff spoon, placing my pinch to the side of my nose, taking large or small pinches... Nothing, even moistening the snuff, helped.

Last night, I couldn't sleep so I started thinking and experimenting with new techniques and found this completely eliminates the throat hit.

I close my mouth and use my nose to draw in the air without using my lungs. I can only do a short shallow sniff (for now?) so I take smaller pinches. I learned this by taking a deep sniff using my lungs than suddenly stop breathing and continue sniffing while holding my breath.

This works so well I decided to put a toast in with my next order.


  • what i found that works for me for larger pinches is you take a pinch of snuff between your thumb and middle finger place you index finger against your right nostril you then put your pinching fingers inside the left nostril and sniff pretty sharply and begin to open your fingers like your letting go of the pinch at the front of your fingers but dont spread your fingers completely apart the fingers inside the nose restrict airflow in that nostril then do the same thing to the right except use your ring finger to block off your left nostril and repeat the process. because of the way this is done you will still have a little bit of snuff at the back of your finger just bring them up to the nose and sniff gently and your done it will feel awkward for a while and make sure to keep those fingernails trimmed and filed cause i have experienced irritation at the bottom of the left nostril because of it but if you dont take pinch after pinch and take your time between snuffs you should be fine. try it for a few days good luck!
  • It takes practice for sure. I'm starting to get the hang of it. I take it off the back of my hand.. right behind the knuckle of my index finger.. light sniff and it goes where it should.
  • i pinch on occasion but still find the back of the hand much, much more controllable and thus less prone to sinus-and-throat hits. Its a shame though because the pinch is quick, clean(ish), convenient and potentiaully much more discreet
  • Although I do like to boxcar the fine grinds, my favorite is to make a bendy straw blow tube. I have tried it with all my snuffs, regardless of moisture/grind and i think it actually reveals hidden dimensions of scent while placing the dust right where I want it. With the really fine and dry ones you will have to let the cloud settle and blow out the excess to avoid breathing any of it, but you can get very good size doses right where you want them.
  • I'm happy I saw this thread- for the OP, I recall reading that before, which is how I've always done it as well. It seems to make the most sense. Now where I get off track is when I started buying tins and not tap boxes.

    I've always had a knife at home or at work that I'll put whatever amount onto and then sniff. It's worked excellent. My usuals are fine Toque or 6 Photo snuffs- never had a throat hit.

    But as I'm typing this I'm experiencing it. I'm currently on vacation on the beach, and I've never felt healthier- swimming in the ocean, walking, etc. and my sinuses and whatnot are great. That being said, everything I sniff (and just like the OP- NOT SNORTED) goes right to my throat and it's awful. Like swallowing dirt.

    Does anyone else have anything to add to this topic? I'm not a fan of sticking my fingers into my tins (unless someone can just tell me I'm stupid for not doing it) and I'm waiting for a bullet and some other accessories in the mail from dear ol' Mr. Snuff, which may hopefully alter in some capacity what I'm experiencing currently...
  • edited May 2015 PM
    @vacation must be all that salty air keeping your passages so clear.My advice, not saying it will work is cut your intake in half but increase your frequency.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • JernejJernej Member
    After I've been practicing with the technique I tried to explain, I have to add one more thing. I still had some trouble with taking scotches, so in addition to not using my lungs to sniff, I kind of squeeze my throat muscles (like when you're swallowing something) when I sniff. It's hard to explain but I hope I'm clear enough.

    Combining these two techniques, I have NO problems whatsoever taking scotches or toasts.
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    @Jernej , your technique works. I use it all the time especially with White Elephant
  • @vacation must be all that salty air keeping your passages so clear.My advice, not saying it will work is cut your intake in half but increase your frequency.
    That's probably the best idea. I return to the midwest tomorrow so hopefully my nose will just go back to normal. Got a bunch of 6 Photo stuff in my mail box waiting for me!
  • If you've ever smoked a cigar it is the same draw.  You use the same muscle to drink from a straw.  Imagine yawning while keeping your mouth closed and not inhaling.  Thanks for the tips.  I'm going to try this method.
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