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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Vintage British coin snuff boxes if anyone fancies something a little different....

For anyone interested, these are rather nice little snuff boxes and one is on the way to me shortly....(have no connection to seller by the way)

Coin Snuff box


  • Let us know how well it works, please.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited October 2018 PM
    There is a thread on this site somewhere that has a link to someone (possibly the same guy) that will make you one of these with any coin you send him.

    Edit: found it its
  • I've got one of these. They look great but aren't very practical for me. I don't have particularly big fingers but I found it difficult to get my thumb and index finger into it to get a pinch.

    Would be ok if you were using a spoon or (very carefully!) tapping it into a boxcar or the back of your hand
  • It's arrived! 

    It's very lovely (a 1946 Penny was used, quality of threading etc v high and good service) and although small, I generally snuff using the tip of a vintage Swiss Army knife (sorry!!) so works well for me. 

    Would recommend for carrying a small days worth to the office etc in some style. @ n9inchnails, thanks for the link - would be interested in maybe another using a much larger coin so that might be handy if the Forger guy on Etsy doesn't do bespokes. 

    Snuff....leads you to strange and unusual byways! 
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I have a Coincraft box made from two Crowns (5 shilling pieces) which were the largest coins in circulation in the UK. It's too heavy for a pocket, but it makes an excellent desktop box.
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Quick up date on extremely niche thread on extremely niche (but nice) forum! 

    Anyway, would recommend even though not cheap. Small and good for just a day's worth of light intake, mine uses a 1946 penny for a little heritage / hipster points but I like it and it doesn't leak any snuff when jangling around in a pocket all day. Not much more I can add really but again, would recommend. Phil. 
  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Hello all,
    After reading through this thread I visited the site and loved what I saw! Particularly liked the idea of a threaded screw top. So, yesterday I ordered the Greek 2 Drachma from 1973. They only had 3 so I jumped on it. Now the listing shows only 2 left. I saw several others that look interesting, so after I receive this one I may order more.
    Thank you St_Phil

  • DocHollidayDocHolliday Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Got my coin snuffbox the other day. It is beautiful but tiny! Not something anyone could take a pinch from!
    But I love it anyway and I have a tiny snuff sooon of metal, which I can use to dump enough in a controlled way to my palm...thus enabling a normal pinch! Not a quick process..I guarantee!
    Doc Holliday
  • I also have a coin snuff box and I can recommend it! Thing is, its old but new. Was made years ago but transformed into a snuff box yesterday. The screw cap is quite airtight and because it is small (the size of an old UK penny) the fingers never seem to over pinch. And they don't cost the earth which is rather refreshing. The prices they charge for some boxes is eye watering!
  • But the coin box prices are very reasonable.
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