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Toque - Really cheap shipping to the USA

Our new shipper is so much better and cheaper than before. We just had a $180 order to the states and the post was $14.63. I wish we had used this company earlier it is even cheaper to ship to the states than before.


  • Maybe share the secret with Mr snuff as well?? Don't worry we'll keep you all in business!!
  • Awesome! Do you offer tracking now?
  • Tracking will be on the new website.

  • Great, thanks! I am excited for the updates
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    I have to say, Someone has also gone the other way and bought 11.95 USD worth of snuff and the post was USD 10.50, which is terrible.  

    The new American postal system is expensive when you go small but cheap when you go big.  I know this is great for us, as it encourages people to buy more, and not so great if you just want a couple of tins.  It really starts to work for Americans above USD 25 and is virtually nothing at USD 150.  

    Of course, I want you to spend lots but I'm trying to say this in an honest way rather than a money-grabbing way.
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