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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Six photo special naswar
  • Toque Berwick Brown
  • Rosinski Oderlander :)!Great schmalzler!
  • More Taxi Green. Can't get enough!
  • Toque Original.  Does my nose deceive me or is there rose in this snuff?
  • Taxi • Green :-O
  • Hedges
  • @ar47
    Taxi - Green
    Again! Love It as well, too!
  • Taxi Blue, my favourite of Taxis.
  • @AlKindiSnuff is it your first journey on the Green Taxi?

    @volunge is Taxi Blue same as Babaton blue?

    I'm back on Taxi Green again this morning! With a little JBR green on top!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @ar47, no, they are quite different in my experience. But I can't tell much - had Babaton only once and it arrived bone-dry. Still, I liked it (but could not stand the dried-out Taxi Red, which I am pretty fond of, when fresh). Different tobacco bases.

    Would love to revisit Baba, but not sure how fresh the current stock is. It's not listed on, but site search returns it as available...

    If you like Taxi Red not solely for nicotine, but enjoy the tobacco base itself, you won't be disappointed with Taxi Blue (it's fresh!). A tad lower in nic than the red one, but still very satisfying. The blue one has lower pH, which generally means more natural tobacco flavour, when talking about plain snuffs. Another virtue of lower pH is reduced drip.

  • White Elephant, scented indirectly with some food grade peppermint oil
  • @ar47
    Yeah I dig it I have red and green good stuff! Thought I did try it but was sent wrong decant by accident and figured out it was not TAXI or NTSU because grind and moisture and reviews of aroma’s was accidental by a pal who sent me snuff but still what he sent by accident was great not complaining. But yeah I like TAXI Green ALOT! LOLOL now is NTSU different enough to own Both Taxi -&- NTSU snuffs? I see reviews saying different aromas? some say the same snuffs just different grinds,moisture & so on & so on. Thanks ;•]
  • A blend I named lemon cake, a mix of sicilian burst and toque vanilla left mixed for a few days.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM

    Lemon Cake blend\mix sounds great, gotta try it.
    In my nose now:
    TAXI • Red b-(
  • Toque Grapefruit
  • Taxi Red
  • @AlKindiSnuff I would say NTSU is like Taxi but more. More coarse and even more yet ammonia. Whether that's good is up to you. I think Taxi Green is as good as it gets for balance.

    More Taxi Green here. It's a delicate journey - I was able to do a full pinch between sides and then a full pinch each side this time without drip. I think my nose is becoming accostomed again.
  • @ar47
    I’ll Join ya’ Alla Salute
    Taxi • Green
    Loving this as well! Great snuff with some good Vitamin–N. So far hit or miss foreword drip which is ok. But I love the backdrip of this a lot.
  • Chasing TAXI • Green with some very very...Good...
    Bernard • Charivari
  • Taxi Blue and Poschl Santa Caterina Red this morning.

    (Incidentally mistyped as Satan Caterina :) )
  • PfalzerLandSnuff - Donnersberg.
  • Viking Dark >:)
  • Six photo motia for breakfast
  • Taxi Green chased with MG Madras got me out of bed(!)
  • SP Extra
  • Two large pinches of NTSU Green   =D>
  • a boxcar of my hm rustica/oriental snuff scented with rosemary oil. Very moist and full of ammonia. Thank you again for the leaves @volunge!
  • @volunge  I am glad you like it. It is a good tobacco it seems. Somehow I neglected my snuffmaking. I used to order a lot of snuff especially directly from the UK. I still think that the sources after .01.01.2021 will run dry or get much more expensive.
    But I think I will order some Burley next year and restart the making again.

    Taxi Red for me today... :)
  • F&T Kendal Brown
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