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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • Just got a order in from Mr Snuff.
    6 Photo assorted 8g 15 pack
    Poschl Andechs, Cola, Apricot
    Bernard Kloster,Jubilaums, Zwiefacher, MM
    F&T Santo Domingo
    WoS Best Dark
    Some Odens to hold me over till a snus order.

    This was definitely the best packed order I ever got from Mr Snuff.
    I am glad to see that.
  • My 454 gram bucket of HDT arrived here safe and sound :)
  • 6 Photo Mysore Sandalwood 30g × 2
    6 Photo Green Dragon × 1
    Glass Jar Cobalt × 2
    Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g × 2
    Bernard Fichtennadel 10g × 2
  • Krishan Sudama 50g × 1
    6 Photo Super Kailash × 1
    6 Photo Special × 1
    6 Photo Mysore Sandalwood 30g × 1
    6 Photo M.G. Madras × 1
    6 Photo Assorted × 1
    Himtaj × 1200g
    White Elephant × 120g
    Aviation Grade Aluminum Bullet × 1gold and 1 blue
    This should arrive tomorrow.

  • Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice 25g   x  5
  • @StudiodecolBleu, don't bin that Krishan Sudama, if you find it off-putting. Try doctoring it with some Mysore Sandalwood (one part MS for ten parts KS) or any other aromatic snuff. If you have fragrant essential oils, one drop per 5 g of snuff would do the magic.
  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Still waiting on my mrsnuff order. Its been 12~ days an im getting a little worried. It usually doesnt take this long and i just saw someone on reddit say their order was refused by us customs as "dangerous goods"
  • @volunge thanks thats a great tip!!!
  • @snuffalufagis hope it arrives safe and sound.
  • I had to look up Krishan Sudama after your exchange and came across this recent review on Mr Snuff:

    I can't really put my finger on the smell of this snuff. My wife thinks it's straight up from a subway station toilet, and I would add "with menthol urinal cake".

    And this is a 5-star review praising the snuff! 
  • 12 tubs of NTSU Black.  At last......
  • @SHbickel, if you like fine dry Indian snuffs, Krishan Sudama makes a good base for playing with essential oils and menthol. There's only a hint of menthol (or mint oil) there, it's pretty much plain snuff. But it has a faint specific smell, maybe from some sulphur compounds, miniscule amounts of which might be present in calcium carbonate, slaked lime or other ingredient. I get this faint sulphur vibe in many 6 Photo snuffs (pretty much every of them, except Begum Green / Green Dragon and M. G. Madras). In most of them it hides deep beneath the flavour and is barely detectable. This Krishan comes non-scented, so it's more pronounced there.
  • SnuffalufagisSnuffalufagis Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    50g sws sjp
    15g 50/50
    15g auld alliance
    15g aged border rapee

    Mr snuff arrived today
  • @volunge that sounds up my alley. I love the fine dry Indians and the more "naked" tobaccos. And it's cheap for the quantity.  I just recently made an order so I'll have to hold off for now, but I'll add it to my short list.  Thanks for the deep dive.
  • @SHbickel, you might be more excited with 6 Photo Cheeta Chhap GUL then! It's better performer in nic department, plain and dry as well, but somewhat easier to take than the white ones. Affordable as well. I didn't reorder Sudama, but went through quite a few tins of GUL. Here it is:

    KS thread:
    Cheeta GUL thread:
  • 12 tub roll NTSU Black
    12 tub roll Taxi Green
    (From the South Africa shop in UK. Not a snuff store but they have it and will ship if you're polite)
  • Poschl — Alpina
    Poschl — Radford Premium
    Poschl — Schmalzler D Doppelaroma
    Poschl — Schmalzler A Brazil
    Poschl — Gluck Auf Prise
    Poschl — Gletscherprise Gold
    Gawith — Cola
    Gawith — Apricot
    Toque — Almond Toast
    Toque — USA Whiskey & Honey
    Babaton — Plain Blue
    Taxi — Green
    Taxi — Red
    Taxi — Blue
    6 Photo — Gold Rush
    6 Photo — 6
    6 Photo — 666
    FUBAR — Shot of Rum
    FUBAR — Toasted
    FUBAR — SNAFU Medicated
    Mullins & Westley — Scented Crumbled
    Mullins & Westley — Keen Scented
    Mullins & Westley — Particular
    Paul Gotard — Cola
    Blast — Cola Champagne
    Dholakia — Kamal
    Dholakia — Sparrow Cool
    Dholakia — Majestic Elephant
    Dholakia — Taj
    Dholakia — Lion King
    Dholakia — Mighty Eagle
  • @mrmanos
    Good to know thanks
    I ordered a few more TAXI snuffs but should have just ordered a roll! I LOVE TAXI snuffs! I’ll check out your TAXI source. Excited for the Babaton too!
  • My wife when seeing new orders placed....
    [-( :-t
  • @AlKindiSnuff LOL - I know that reaction.... when my 454 gram bucket F&T HDT arrived recently ... she looked at the bucket an reacted like that
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    I'm hesitant about the scope of my would-be whole leaf order for the same reason. Even small 0.5 kg amount comes in a large box, and I would love to procure.. at least four of them! I would save on shipping, ordering the whole bunch in one go, but I won't be able to hide such amount from my wife...
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM

    LOL we get ourselves into some trouble lol my wife better get used to those looks and feelings of Jesus! More Snuff!...
  • SnuffScapeSnuffScape Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Here is a pic of my order
  • My latest order is from a fellow member. Pictures to come once it arrives.
  • @alkindisnuff my wife gave up protesting my tobacco deliveries. Its nothing compared to the 5 carton a month habit I had, and the bank accounts show it. Silver linings an all...
  • Not a new order but a package with 2 packs of Sugandh Sagar Gulab Chaap rose snuff from @newbiesnuffer! Still cant believe this isnt sold in individual packages on MrSnuff, Snuffstore.
  • @bolbam420, indeed. @newbiesnuffer has treated me with a nice sample of Sugandh Sagar rose, it is great snuff. It's available at this online store in bulk (10 x 50 g cans): . They ship worldwide, but delivery costs outside the USA are deal-breaking.
  • @Snuffalufagis
    True, for sure could be worse! Lol
    Yeah same amount of snuff vs orders of smokes cigs will be super crazy! Smokes go a lot quicker to I think anyway snuff lasts more.
  • Also I am super excited to get my Babaton Plain Blue snuff order! Also wonder if Babaton just has one snuff flavor/aroma or others
  • 4*100g Tubes of Janta Dragon Madras from directly from Janta in India. And 1,6 kg tps and Arya madras from hookah1
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