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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

how long should i keep my snuff in my nose

edited November 2020 in Snufftaking
well i like to kind of blow my nose an get the buildup out of there with a q tip in between each snuff because each dose i cram so much snuff up there it leaves no room for anymore to be absorbed, my question is how long should i leave the buildup in there before blowing it out n taking another pinch? ten minutes??? i mean for like all the nicotine to get absorbed


  • For me it's as long as I feel comfortable. Sometimes I want to blow my nose after a few minutes other times it could be after a few hours of snuffing. It all depends on how hydrated your nasal passages are or the environment you are in.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Its all intuitive, depending on what does the snuff do to your nose. Does it make your nose run or make it dry? Does it sit there easily without you noticing it? Does it give you a bad back drip -or do you love the back drip from it? I sometimes snuff right before going to bed and clean up the next morning if I forget to blow my nose.  I love some long lasting soft scents eg. sandalwood, so I let the snuff remain in my nose for quite long. So I guess the answer from me is for as long as you find it comfortable or pleasing, just as @Huysmans mentioned.
  • I usually clean my nose in my morning shower, beyond that its usually unnecessary. Maybe a good blow once in a while but really I don't worry about it. Aside from medicated snuffs I dont get much drip, and i take quite a bit of snuff daily.
  • yeah i keep it in there for a long time sometimes too, i guess a better way to ask the question im trying to ask is how long does it take for the nicotine to absorb before i can clear the layer thats caking my inner nostril and make way for new product? lol
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Same here... :D
    Depends on moisture of nose, type of snuff,grind & moisture. Some are really moist some not so much. Some are also less oily and some snuffs more oily. Sometimes certain snuffs will pill up after a bit when nose dries out and can feel it, like it’s gonna do a cliffhanger and drop out, when I feel that I certainly just blow. So I don’t get Little Rock’s of built up dry pilled snuff falling out. At home I’m in comfort and can work with it a bit more and keep it in a bit longer but at work or out in public I blow nose more. Nothing worse than talking to someone or being at a function and shit periodically just falls out of your schnoz’ and people notice lol... Then I have to go thru the whole explaining bit, that I use snuff and that’s what that was and not boogies... Sometimes it stays moist and sets coated inside nose. But Huysmans hit it on the head for me I feel/do the same way. Had a client see me do a big boxcar of snuff coming around the corner and had to explain it wasn’t Coca. LOLOL
  • @Snuffalufagis
    That has to be one of the best if not the best snuffhouse name/handle... Love It! LOL B-)
  • @alkindisnuff ive got 2 young boys and sesame street was a regular on the tv rotation. When I started snuffing it was a no brainer lol
  • @Snuffalufagis
    Perfect love it!
  • @JustinWizard707 2-3 minutes is enough for me for getting the nic hit, since its absorbed real quick. Although I know some crazy coarse grinds like NTSU requires beyond 5-10 minutes. You should do as you like, theres no way to tell. Follow your gut ;)
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