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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

China-made Molens de Ster en de Lelie snuffs

volungevolunge Member
edited April 2020 in General
Apparently, China-based ROCOCO company has resurrected some Molens de Kralingse snuffs.

As stated on ROCOCO website,

"ROCOCO was founded in 2008, with a relatively wide product line, including some snuff and snus of Chinese characteristics. De Ster En De Lelie is a snuff made in China according to the Dutch formula. Mr. Jaap Bes, Chairman of STICHINTING DE KRALINGSE SNUFF EN SPECERJEN COMPAGNE, gave
us snuff formula on December 5, 2016 and allowed us to register the
relevant designs and texts as Chinese trademark. Therefore, we can
produce snuff in China according to the formula we have received.
Absolutely, it is hereby declared that the production, sales and
after-sales service of De Ster En De Lelie snuff do not concern STICHINTING DE KRALINGSE SNUFF EN SPECERJEN COMPAGNE.

So far ROCOCO produces 8 MdK snuffs:
  • Tabac de Paris a la Robillard
  • Choco creme
  • Mokka creme
  • Pompadour
  • Bon Bon
  • Prins Regent
  • Son de Tonca No.1
  • Latakia A/P
Snuff is sold packed in red plastic boxes, 10 g net weight. Price - 4.68 USD.

Chinese MdK

Curious to know, how these compare to genuine Dutch ones.


  • Correct.
  • Can't really tell. Is that awesome news or not?
  • It's both, Filek. If these snuffs were flawlessly made using similar facilities and following Jaap's recipes, technically they should be as fine as original ones. However, unless Chinese manufacturer uses Kralingse windmills-milled tobacco flour, the great part of charm is lost (at least for me). Kralingse stomped grind was unique. Besides, I'm afraid these "new" snuffs could be lacking major "ingredient" - devotion to craft.

    I would order some just for comparison, if they were available at Rococo shipping is a no-go for me (it's 60 USD to PL, I suppose same rates applies to the Baltics).
  • Precisely. The flour suited me down to the ground. Stayed where it should delightfully.
  • Also those appear to be the exact same plastic snuffboxes that Mr.Snuff used to sell with the Snuffhouse logo on them. The highly sought after "Mr.Snuff" snuffbox.
  • Any recent developments on this?
  • Someone from NST group on Fb has tried and loved some, but the guy wasn't familiar with genuine MdK line, so no comparison. Reportedly, snuff arrived fresh.
  • Even if they turn out to be good, they will still lack the atmosphere of the windmills and passion of the original creators.
  • @Filek: Thank you for your kind words. But the mills don't produce snuff any more and the recipes went to China as a remembering of what was once.
  • @snuffmiller For some, it is not the snuff itself that is most important, but the entire envelope that accompanies this product. It's the people, stories, and companies that join the fun along with their consumers. For instance if Toque, Dholakia or 6 Photo snuffs passed into other hands, those snuffs will still be good, but they will lack the splendor of these original creators.
  • @Filek: Thanks for your compliment.
  • The site only shows snuff accessories and SNUS :(( I’ve sent them an email
  • Freaking nicotine pouches...
  • @volunge so strange this stuff...
  • Just got an email back stating that they cannot ship out powder goods from China =((
  • It feels an odd choice to sell the recipes to a company in China, especially if they don't ship internationally. Are the recipes now their sole property and not able to be sold to another manufacturer?  If so... what a sad development.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    @Hloridison, tobacco-free nicotine products is a sweet bite for industry. It's so much cheaper to make nicotine-loaded products of any kind. And faster. Less power needed, machine and human. Vast profit margin. Synthetic nicotine can be used. So, it's all very attractive to business. Nic pouches are conquering the markets, even in Scandinavia. Truly incredible, but stores are expanding their premisses just to make place for fridges loaded with NPs. Naturally, folks get interested in trying it, and stuff is designed to be very addictive - nic delivery capability (and here I mean the actual potency, not the nicotine content figures) is almost three times bigger and faster than that of the true tobaco snus. Actually, 16 mg/g pouches are more potent than the infamous strongest snus. There's a whole generation already hooked on NPs, and most of those guys don't even know the taste of snus. Potency can be easily dialed down to the sane levels, using coarser grain carrier and adjusting pH to slow down the delivery and make these products "buzz-free", but no one would get hooked on them and probably wouldn't ever buy the second can. The lack of regulation (and taxation!) - up until very recently - made it a heyday for the manufacturers.

    This stuff is a real goldmine. It can't be stressed enough how much cheaper the mfg costs are. One very reputable snus company even uses potassium hydroxide for its NPs - it's cheaper and more alkaline than sodium carbonate or potash and smaller amount is needed, and strangely no one gives a damn about it. Yes, KOH falls among allowed food additives and is considered risk-free if managed under conditions of good manufacturing practice, but that was really cheap move and - imho - simply unethical. Interestingly, some users of that particular brand do find the drip uncomfortably harsh.

    Well, it seems that the EU snus ban will not be lifted anytime soon - snus industry came up with a cunning solution.
  • @Volunge it is really sad how the industry works. Tobacco is such a great plant. I tried this pouches. It was a gift in my last order I hate the taste and it was no pleasure in nicotine. I felt it but something was missing.
  • Is this for real? I still have about 5 100 gram tubs of the DK snuff that I carefully store and rehydrate every few months. In fact, just last night I was snuffing Pompadour, Peppermunt, and St Omer! So let me get this straight, Jaap’s snuffs are now made in China? I would like to try them, but my next question is, do you have to order them from a Chinese site? I’ll re-read all the posts here. I’ve wondered if Jaap would ever make snuff again. They are all so unique. And very good too.
  • Well, after clicking on the link, it appears that whatever product these people are making cannot be purchased by an individual person who is not a licensed tobacco retailer. I will have to carefully store my DK snuffs like I’ve been doing and just enjoy them once in a while.
  • That is a bummer. :(
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