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Snuv has arrived!

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Gold Label followed by Red Bull. Btw does anyone know what year Red Bull came out?
  • @newbiesnuffer
    Yeah crazy just McChrystals only for me with rebound.
    McChrystals has some great snuffs most actually. But I still use them even though. Their Aztek is so damn good and I love Jip!, Sturco & many more.
  • Nice fat boxcars of:
    6 Photo • Green Dragon what a different pleasing aroma! More suited for Spring/Summer weather, time of year. I also get grapefruit & Lemongrass notes in this & herbal green tea vibe. I really like this one a lot!
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    One of my favorite Blends\Mixes:

    Poschl • Gletscherprise Gold
    6 Photo • Chocolicious
  • Poschl • Gletscherprise
  • Poschl • Radford Premium
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @Johano, I've heard they toned down the flavour in Silver. It used to have pretty strong cola aroma earlier... but wasn't that potent as Gawith Apricot (which is pretty nice in nic dept).

    @AIKindiSnuff, @newbiesnuffer, I'm far from being a menthol-head myself, but I do enjoy a good ocassional pinch of mentholated (even intensely) snuff. I'm curious about this rebound phenomena, too.

    Fresh (moist) Hedges and WoS Extra M often clog my nose. My favourite Kensington - never, even used all day and in hefty amounts. It might be down to the texture (particular part of the tobacco leaf used (lamina, middrib / stem), particles size and water content) and the amount of oils and other additives used.

    Kensington is finer, absolutely dry (actually, it comes with 20% water from the factory, but none of my 6 tap boxes, procured in 22 years, arrived moist), with a brighter tobacco base, it contains a tad less menthol and eucalyptus essential oil than Hedges. They both have similar pH - close to 10.

    Thinking more about it, I don't get a rebound from Samuel Gawith M as well. SG M is somewhat coarser than Kensington and Hedges.. It doesn't contain oils - just a plain menthol snuff, medium moist, fine-to medium grind. Both SG M and Kensington contain potash (SG M - less, Kensington - more (6%)); not sure about Hedges.

    By the way, dried-out Hedges goes easier on my nose rebound intensity-wise, but still is somewhat cloggy. Now Kensington is a real nose-opener and eye-burster, a true decongestant.
  • Hedges, topped with some Kensington.

    @AlKindiSnuff, Green Dragon is a beauty. Begum Green is the same snuff, btw. Rustica is used for this snuff, that's where those herbaceous notes come from.
  • Radford followed by Neffa. Guaranteed to make me sneeze million times!
  • @AlKindiSnuff well methols do sometimes make my nose stuffed and close my nostrils if I havent consumed them a long time. But then I quickly get used to them. I also usually have a terrible congestion in the morning and medicated helps a bit with that.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @SnuffScape, several months ago I stumbled upon a very interesting post or article... for the life of me, I can't find the source anymore. Someone in the know mentioned that Gawith Hoggarth is about to launch new strong med snuff - Red Bull. Was it a Dutch Pipe Smoker's report about one of the international tobacco fair events... Or maybe the post in yahoo nasal snuff group (alas, all the content is lost for good now due to the new yahoo policy)... Unfortunately, I don't remember the year this info was posted, but I was suprised to know that Red Bull is relatively new snuff, roughly 20 years old, maybe a tad older.

    This seems legit. Poschl did acquire Gawith's Apricot and Cola snuffs brands, probably tweaking the recipes (adding paraffin oil). Besides, Poschl was GH's supplier of tobacco flour, and GH is official Poschl distributor in the UK.
  • Poschl Gawith Cola
  • My Public (Pueblo) snuff.
  • Poschl Schmalzler D
  • Six Photo LA Natural
  • Fribourg & Treyer - High Dry Toast
  • 6 photo la natural. Just delicious
  • LA Natural, scented with bergamot oil.
  • Sws mull of oa
  • SnuffBox mix of these fine flavored Gems!
    :Equal Parts:
    Dholakia • Irish Coffee
    Dholakia • Coffee Cream
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    Toque • USA Kentucky Bourbon
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Pretty damn good blend above I tried in box. Takes a little time but all these flavors start to meld together really really well. That Toque Tobacco and flavor really shines with the others. Just may be just as good as my Rum & Coke and Apricot Brandy blends I tried earlier. I know it’s a lot to mix but having a tiny touch of salted butter to give it more moisture & keep it moist in my daily snuffBox plus you have that buttery barely there flaky buttered roll vibe, with the tobacco’s and sweet flavoring, this really hits the Mark for me. Like this one!
  • Tom Buck
  • Giddy when Bernard F arrived so I had a pinch. Kalish all morning, WoS Irish 22. Then a taste of Bernard virginia, a bit darker than I would expect for Virginia. Have a blessed Sunday all.
  • White Elephant backed up with McChrystal's Violet
  • 6P MG Madras
  • Poschl • Radford
    I enjoy this a lot, tons of menthol and is moist & fluffy too the same grind & texture as Poschl Schmalzler Perlereuter... love this one. Didn’t think I’d like it that much! But I do very much so!
  • Afghan White - @volunge this one is a little more toasty scented to my nose (not pronounced though) than the other whites and very hard to take. Similar grind like the cheeta, but drier and completely unscented with anything else. Has a nice burn to it which dissipates within a few seconds. Cannot compare this to the gul, since that is very well toasted. 
    Mumbai climate is not without a little humidity all year round so snuffs like these kept in a tin over a month or so usually do not dry out further but become easier to take overall.  

    For beginners who want to use an Indian white but find it very challenging to sniff: Use a little snuff first which gets your nose slightly running, like a snuff with menthol in it. Taking the whites in small bumps in the front of your nose will then make it that much easier. Haven't got a throat hit pinching whites with this method. Hope this helps.  
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Equal Parts:

    Poschl • Perlereuter
    Poschl • Radford
    6 Photo • Chocolicious
    GoodNight all...... I-)
  • Afternoon all. SG Pinewood Ice, good base with perfect menthol level with no drip.
  • Viking Blonde
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