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Snuv has arrived!

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • willcwillc Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Abraxas Dragun Menthol.
  • Wilsons Dynamite. 
  • Toque Grapefruit
  • WoS Wallflower
  • McCrystals Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf

    Does anyone know if McChrystal still makes this under another name?
    I just found an old tin I had stored away and even after 5 years this is awesome.
  • @willc it is now called fine keg :)
  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • ::Blend of equal parts::

    Dholakia • Coffee Cream
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    Toque • Espresso
    FUBAR • Fugazi Black Joe
  • 6 Photo • Coffee Kick
  • J&H Wilson SP No 1
  • Janta Dragon Madras  x  Medicated snuff ( i think it was snafu medicated)  at  10 : 1 ration 

    Just a touch of menthol.

    It is now plain madras but a little more runny in the nose and with a little bit of something extra (menthol) but not that obvious as a scent to point down.

    Its a plain menthol.
  • Dholakia Sparrow
  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • Starr Scotch
  • Samuel Gawith SS Black Magic off my hand.  I just imagined somebody trying to pinch this snuff and it made me laugh
  • Taxi Red
  • WoS Prime Minister
  • @newbiesnuffer, thanks for shedding light on 6P AW! Good tip on taking whites, too.

    Stuffing my nose with Regular Brown Public, moist and coarse snuff, made from Pueblo RYO. Small 10 g batch, quite nice.
  • Viking Blonde

    Yeah... Grumpy Ol Bavarian snuffing good british stuff.... :)
  • Viking Dark
    No idea what the friggin hell is going on, but I feel really foggy and weak since yesterday morning blast of VD. The last 1/4 of the tin is too strong! My heart is racing too fast since then. Gotta take a break :-B
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @Johano, try rehydrating it overnight in a plastic lunch box with some water (1-2 cm), letting an open tin float there. Close lunch box with a lid. Or simply add some water, 10-15 drops directly into snuff, and give a good stir.

    As in the case with the dried-out Neffa Ifrikia (it turns more potent dry than the moist one, right?), the alkalinity, or to put it more accurately, the content of alkalizers in snuff increases with the moisture loss. A few percent shift makes a terrific difference!
  • 6photo mg madras.
    @johano I had the same thing with my rest Viking dark yesterday evening. I never feel the nicotine. My tolerance is really high. But that blowed me away.
  • F&T Seville
  • Poschl's Red Bull. As always. I only like german snuffs IMO.
  • F&T HDT
  • Crumbs of Comfort
  • 6 Photo • 666
    6 Photo • Chocolicious
    (I know, I know... A very Strange, Weird mix, but had to try it... it’s actually very nice believe it or not... lol
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Just sniffed a pile of my nsunko directly from palm - my friends, you need to try this South African snuff taking method! I'm officially approbating and adopting this technique, it's even better than a boxcar!

    Actually, I have tried it several times before, while taking pinches of neftobak, poured onto my palm. After taking some big pinches, I sometimes sniffed the residues in that manner.

    Seriously, grab your moist and coarse and go ahead, try it!
  • Dholakia • African
    Nice but not coarse and not moist... strange from the description nothing like NTSU or TAXI snuffs in being Coarse and moist. This African batch I have is the same moisture and grind as the Vanilla,Swiss Chcoclate and Honey by Dholakia. Strange nothing like TAXI grind or moisture. Puzzled here....
  • MG Madras with my morning coffee

    @volunge - interesting way to take snuff. I'll try it!
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