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What's In Your Nose? #13



  • HloridisonHloridison Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    S-G Black Arabica
  • S-G Black Arabica
  • Poschl Packard's Club. Refreshing!
  • Bernard Jubilaums
  • Toque - Natural
  • I've been working on a new tub of Smoker's Blend.  It tastes very much like O&G... did I get a mislabeled tin?  Can anyone give their Smoker's Blend a sniff and let me know how much camphor-type scent you get?  I can't even detect bergamot over the cooling and the camphor. My last tub was from 2015 and I see they've "changed the recipe" since then. Thanks in advance.
  • Super Kailash.
  • SG Irish D

    @SHbickel, I haven't tried Smoker's Blend, but quite a few snuffs were changed about that time. In a blind test you probably wouldn't recognize Hedges and neither of the three J&H Wilson snuffs.

    2020 witnessed the change of Vikings, as the brand was passed to Wilsons of Sharrow.
  • Toque USA W&H
  • Gawith Hoggarth • Cafè Regal
  • 6P Motia
  • A mix of MG Madras and Irish D (1:1).

  • Enjoying trying this in Equal Parts, for my Monday workday SnuffBox:

    WoS • Africa
    Samuel Gawith • Black Arabica
    FUBAR • Fugazi–Black Joe
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate

    Awesome Aroma’s here! 8-}
  • Last Blend before bed! Equal SnuffSpoon fulls of:

    FUBAR • Fugazi–Black Joe
    Poschl • Perlesreuter
    WOW! • Coffee Bite

    This is just as good, if not better than the last few blends\mixes I've tried! Give these a go! You’ll love it!
    Also thanks to the pal that sent me some Coffee Bite
    ;-) Been out of it sadly and Mr.Snuff has been out of it (Coffee Bite) for a long while... I really hope it’s not discontinued I love this stuff, it’s in my dessert island snuff list... :•|
  • Nc Arya Madras
  • VD X V.ISS X Konigsprise
    Might add a little bit of Toque Choc :-?
  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • 6 Photo Special followed up with some Toque Rustica
  • Tom Buck
  • Toque Spanish Gem. Have some Ambrosia on the way and very excited to try based on larger grind and moisture content. I know there will be a 400g bag of Spanish Gem in the future regardless. Amazing stuff!
  • Equal Part(s) Blend/Mix. Very very nice! Pretty pleasing, great Aroma! A touch more of an equal part of the Toque, just a tad more would be a little better but this blend is great!

    Toque • Toast & Marmalade
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    McChrystals • Aztek
  • @pantsBoots

    I prefer the Ambrosia over the Spanish Gem, it’s one of my favorites. Nothing wrong with the Spanish Gem it’s really good too. But really prefer Ambrosia’s deeper, darker Aroma. It’s more deep rich & pleasing to me. As well as the grind & moisture. Great Snuff! Love It! Roderick knocked it out of the park with this one! Thanks Roderick, once again pal!
  • ::::Equal Parts::::
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    McChrystals • Warm Glow
    Poschl • Gletscherprise Gold
  • Sws c de fi
  • Homemade mentholated rustica
  • Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
  • Some Toque W&H USA also @perique.

    The tin I am snuffing out of now is from a Toque order I placed a few weeks ago and it is super fresh and delightful.

    I also have quite a bit from July 2014 and I gotta say that the W&H does mellow out a little but still a a wonderful nuanced snuff.
    Aging does not hurt this snuff , in contrast I have a few from WoS that did not fare so well.
  • Fribourg & Treyer - High Dry Toast
  • Tps madras
  • F&T Bordeaux
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