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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Northerner Ends Sales to Canada, New Zealand and South Korea "for now"

Not entirely sure what is going on here, or what it means for buying snuff online as a Canadian. Do Roderick or Mr.Snuff have any news, or is this just a Swedish Snus thing? Anyways, I'll just paste here the email they sent out this morning.

With the current situation we need to adjust our international operations to be able to deliver good service to you as a customer and act in accordance with what society expect of us. It is therefore we regretfully must inform all our customers in Canada, New Zealand and South Korea that we will no longer be offering you our products.

We urge you to make our voice heard and share our opinion about why we have to close our business in your country, an operation which every month has converted hundreds of smokers into less harmful products without selling a single product to any minors.

We thank you for your trust, choosing us as you way to order safer nicotine enjoyment. We hope to see you soon again when regulation and policies have advanced, making it possible for us to provide you with our products again!

We are now continuing our mission in other markets around the world.


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Northerner is owned by Haypp Group now. If I get it right, putting it simple (and soft), these guys are concentrating on the sales of tobacco-free nicotine pouches (NP), aka (all- / super-) white "snus". And while they still continue to sell smokeless tobacco products (snus and chewing tobacco) to some markets, the listing of ST products has dramatically shrinked for many countries, including the EU. For example, they have altogether de-listed nasal snuff for all markets.

    It might seem that Haypp vision and mission is wrapped into a very nice and attractive wording: . However, I cannot help but comprehend it all as a bold and, dare I say, aggressive efforts to push this novelty white stuff globally, depriving customers the liberty of choice between the NPs and traditional ST products.

    Clearly, this vision and mission mismatches with the approach of Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Belarus and Latvia, to name but a few. To get a grasp of what's going on in nicotine and heat-not-burn sectors, scroll through the headlines in this site:

    In quite a few countries this NP project has crashed into a fence of stringent regulation, taxation and even prohibition.
  • I will do everything I can to continue to sell snuff in Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.  If we have to become prohibitionists to save smoker's lives we will happily take on this roll.
  • @volunge Thanks for all that great info, sir!
    @Roderick you have sold snuff to me since 2014 and every sale has been a pleasure, not once has Canadian customs got their greasy mitts on my Toque snuff. Bless you Roderick.
  • @Volunge There seems to be some big money behind a lot of the "all white" nicotine pouches. I was sent a couple of free boxes from two different companies. All came by courier very quickly. The supermarkets here in the UK have extensive amounts of several brands on display.
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