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Snuff Pairings?

I'm fairly new both to this forum and to snuff in general, but I ordered a tin of Freybourg and Treyer's French Carotte to top up my cigar order the other day and I'm loving it so much that I've ordered 8 more tins of various snuffs!

I usually smoke cigars and pipes and really enjoy playing around with pairings like whisky, rum and port, but I wondered what people's go-to snuff pairings are? Would love to hear about them.


  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Hi Rob, 

    Wellcome to Snuffhouse.  

    You have come to the right place to learn. The guys on here are real experts and will teach you loads.  

    I am an ex-smoker. My wife was a cancer research scientist who got me into snuff.  I admit I still smoke the odd cigar but I have gone from a 40 a day smoker to a snuffer and an odd cigar every other month.

    Just ask and we will answer.

    My favourite pairings were Rustica and anything else but now I have become a far more reserved snuffer.  I start the day as always with Toque Grapefruit and progress to a new coffee we are working on.  I have now found myself using a lot of OTTO it is just such an easy snuff to use. 

    You should talk to others on here as I must have a bias even though I try not too.  
  • @Roderick

    Hi there! Thanks awfully for responding. It's all very new to me but I'm enjoying my French Carotte with a wee dram of Tamnavulin and having a wonderful evening!

    I was also a very heavy cigarette smoker but quit a few years ago. I find I really get a lot more enjoyment out of tobacco since I knocked the fags on the head and have no wish to stop pipe or cigar smoking. They're pure enjoyment and not driven by addiction!

    Re bias: it's a good thing surely? Assuming you're something to do with Toque, it would be odd if you didn't like it!
  • Ah, You must be a fellow Scot.  You will understand why we spend a fortune trying to prove that we are a generous race and not the penny pinchers as portrayed in the media. 

    This is also why as a company director I try to offer my customers the highest quality and why I never underestimate my competitors. They all produce wonderful snuffs and I will not show disrespect to any of them.

    Enjoy your Tamnavulin, a wonderful nightcap. 
  • With a gin and tonic: a raspberry, citrus, or SP.
  • @Mr_O I can see how that would work!
  • Coffe with a Toast like High Dry Toast from Fribourg & Treyer. Or Assam Tea with Indian Madras snuff are my Favorites. For me a pipe fits better to Alkohol. I like to smoke when i drink something.
  • @Hloridison - Interesting, I'm a big tea drinker but often find that a cigar or pipe is far too overpowering for a cup of green or oolong tea (personal favourites).

    Perhaps snuff is the ideal tobacco accompaniment to them!
  • Interestingly, one of the new flavours we are working on is a green tea. 

    I do like to pair our SP Extra with a strong Earl Grey or a blend of Earl and Lady Grey.
  • @RobEdgar yes for me smoking tobacco and tea pairs not very good. Because the smoke tastes too strong. And for me Alkohol is too strong for the snuff scent. Just try it :)

    @Roderick yes EarlGrey and an Sp is yummi :) and the Green tea snuff sounds really interesting.
  • I enjoy a big pinch of McChrystal's Fine Keg while eating a grapefruit.  The hoppy bitterness of the snuff plays off the bitterness of the grapefruit and becomes something new altogether.

    I've found citrus in general to be very tasty with a variety of snuffs, but that is my favorite combo so far.

    And I'll triple down on the Earl Grey with an SP.  :)
  • A good chocolate snuff goes well with a cup of strong coffee.  That's often my morning ritual.
  • A proper beer pairs well with every snuff.

  • @ALLex Cheers to that! I like a hoppy IPA with a cigar, but then I like a hoppy IPA with almost anything!

    @Deez , I haven't had a chocolate snuff yet but I'll be sure to try some

    @SHbickel , I never even considered a fruit and suff pairing!
  • @RobEdgar Toque Chocolate and McCrystal Aztec are good places to start.
  • Dholakia Swiss Chocolate is a good one too.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    @ALLex For sure! My biggest discovery so far was Bernards Amostrinha with some smoky beer, preferably Aecht Schrenkerla Marzen :) good stuff

    @Roderick that green tea snuff idea sounds terrific. Please consider theanine extract as an ingredient if possible. Thats one of the main compounds that do the wonders in it (especially in matcha). Could be even more noticeable than CBD if the absorption through nasal route is possible, just not sure.
  • I enjoy a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea with Mullins and Westley's Black Rappee or a toasted snuff like Irish No 22 or Irish D.

    Earl Grey tea plus Tom Buck puts me in Bergamot heaven.

    My usual alcoholic tipple is Port which I enjoy with any SP or plain snuff.
  • @Roderick A green tea flavour would be wonderful! Perhaps a Japanese Matcha scent? I always think of Matcha as the snuff of the tea world as the powder smells delicious.
  • I dont know why, exactly. But a light, strong, natural snuff with a very hoppy IPA.
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