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What tin did you empty today?



  • Gold Label 25g
  • Thors Hammer 25g
  • Poschl Gawith Cola 10g
  • Red Bull 7g
  • Grand Cairo and Samuel gawith Black Arabica. Definitely get both again. Really nice snuff.
  • Packard's. Gonna miss it
  • 6 Photo Special 30g
  • 45 gm tin of 6P Motia
  • JNF Punjabi Janta. Happily for me I have more.
  • Yesterday Gold Label and Ntsu Black Right now
  • Poschl - Gawith Original 10 gr
    Viking - Thors Hammer 25 gr
  • Red M 5g
    M&W Black Rappee 20g
  • Wos Sp 100 5 g
    Taxi Blue

    Wos make so Good Sp. I can’t say which I would stock up.
    The Taxi Blue was also very nice. But I still prefer Ntsu black.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 12 PM
    Black Magic.

    @Hloridison, second that, WoS really shine at SPs. Please do yourself a favour and procure some in 20 g tins - you'll be delighted!
  • @volunge yes i will do next order in the uk. The German snuffstore only have the 5G tins.
  • Bee M 5g. This was my taster of what I found to be a very enjoyable snuff. Just the right amount of menthol balanced with honey.
  • Otto Schmalzler and McC SP both empty now.
  • Mullins & Westley Particular 20g. Delightfully smooth. Will buy again
  • I did empty a McChrystals I had Gawiths pine wood ice, in turn I refilled again.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited January 22 PM
    Grand Cairo 20g.
    Gold Label 5g.
  • F&T HDT tap tin. Time to refill it again from the 200g bag
  • 21 g O&G
  • Viking Brown 20g
  • A 20 gr. tin of Thors Hammer, filled with 10 gr. Viking Scotch Dark

    ... and just refilled it with Scotch Dark (around 10 gr.) again.
  • Otto Chancellor. Refilled it from a bulk bag and was reminded of how perfectly silky it is when fresh. The stuff in the tin had dried out some, but was still very good. Fresh, though, it is quite perfect, especially after dinner. I wish I could grow a bergamot tree.
  • Just emptied a 35g tin La Natural and opened a 150g tin to refill it. The 150g are much fresher and nicer. Glad to have it.
  • Abraxas St. Casura.

    I didn't realize Abraxas stopped producing snuffs.  Not a crushing loss to me, but I'm sad to see another leave the business. And I feel a little guilty for not savoring the last "tin" and making it last.
  • GeeGee Member
    McChrystals Aztec 3.5g. Looked at some reviews, it sounded tasty, thought Id grab a mini. I have to say I enjoyed it. Will probably add another to my next order. 
  • F&T HDT tap tin. Might throw myself a curveball and refill it with some Toque NT
  • Nc Arya Madras 50g I’m glad to have 23 more of this beautiful snuff
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