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Snuff call out thread.



  • SvHSvH Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    I will dig out SG Emos Reserve, it has been a long time I took that one. It used to be one of my favorites, but I completely forgot about it...

    Calling out SG Celtic Talisman
  • @SvH did you see where I mentioned recently that I have 2.5 tubs of Celtic Talisman? CT it is!!

    Calling out Toque Natural!
  • @ar47 No I did not see the tread where you mentioned Celtic Talisman, just dug it up while I was searching for Elmos Reserve. Celtic Talisman was just another forgotten favorite of mine. Although now going back to it I cant say I like it at all... I do hope you enjoyed it!

    I dont have Toque Natural, so leave that one for someone else.
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    I am in the middle of my usual early evening snuff binge. Toque Natural has been duly insufflated, accompanied by a rather nice craft lager.

    Calling out Toque SP Extra.
  • SvHSvH Member
    edited September 2019 PM
    Ah, Toque SP Extra it is! And a glass of chardonnay, it monday after all... ;)
  • Oh, almost forgot to call out the next snuff...

    McChrystals Sicilian Burst
  • I'm waking this sleeping thread up...

    McChrystal's Sicilian Burst (with a Mild Lemon label on it) is in my nose.

    Next up is:
    Toque Berwick Brown
  • Berwick Brown it is

    I call out F&T Old Paris
  • F&T Paris! Enjoyed from a Toque tall tin

    Calling out ... SWS St James Parish!
  • FT HDT yes! From Toque. Are they the only ones who have the old style tall boy tins?
  • HDT from the tall tin up in my nose.

    Calling out Ntsu Black!
  • I use FatLip aka Swisher Strawberry at home.
    And Fat Lip honeybee away from my home.
  • This poor, misunderstood thread.  It's meant to "call out" a snuff for the next person to take, and then they in turn "call out" the snuff for the next person (and then they call out the next, etc.).

    So who's got a tin of Ntsu Black to get this train chugging again?!  :)
  • A big fat pinch ntsu black up in my nose. I love this stuff.

    Calling out Sws Creme de figue
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Mmm Creme de figue. Long time since I've had this in my schnoz. Sadly it stuffs me up something fierce, as all Sir Walter Scott snuff do.

    Calling out WoS Grand Cairo
  • Hurrah, one I can do! WoS Grand Cairo it is.

    Calling out 6P Indian Curry.
  • 6P Indian Curry it is

    I call out F&T Santo Domingo
  • New tin of Santo Domingo popped. Next up either toque toast and marmalade OR
    six photo super kahlish
  • I'll go with the Super Kailash as I haven't got the Toque.

    Calling out Rosinski Berliner Luft.

  • Berliner Luft is the only Rosinski snuff I have atm. It is lovely with its sweet spicy scent and quite reminds me of a premium version of Poschl Gawith Cola.

    Calling out one with a different bit of spice 6Photo No.6.
  • 6P No. 6 in my nose

    I call out Toque Ambrosia
  • Toque Ambrosia in my nose. I forgot how strong this one is!

    Calling out: McChrystal's Fine Keg
  • Fine Keg then. A pilsner for your nose.

    Calling out FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol
  • How about a kick start?

    Calling out McChrystal's SP
  • Thank you for all the call outs.

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