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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Shipping time to the US?

Waiting on an order from Artisan for a month now. Is this what normal lead times are looking like?



  • This is the third week waiting for Toque for me. It'll get there. 
  • Mine have been coming in from toque in about 15 days pretty consistently (to FL), If it ends up tagged for inspection at customs it could take months though.  
  • 40 days and counting from toque to Tx
  • I got a Mr. Snuff order in about 2-3 weeks of shipping time, a Rosinski order coming in has taken about a week so far (and should be here by Friday), and a Toque order somewhere in the region of about a month so far.
  • Mine arrived this afternoon so about 18 days. I love the new packaging!
  • Ordered from Mr. Snuff and received in CO in 9 calendar days. Small order, stupid fast. It takes longer to get something from either coast of the continental US. I think they shipped it via TARDIS
  • My Toque order that I made in early July finally arrived this past week. Part of the issue seems to be that their tracked shipping goes through FedEx ground when it gets to the States, which tends to be on the slow side. The plus is that you get to track the order, though. MrSnuff is the opposite: no tracking but the trade-off is relatively quick shipping.
  • Orders either seem to take 2 weeks, or else are refused at the border, in which case the vendor (hopefully) receives it back and will refund or reship.

    It is interesting to note that snuff is legal to import in the US (providing it contains no cuban tobacco), but not legal for interstate shipping. Per a lawyer buddy, the legal importation of snuff for personal use is supposed to be protected until I receive the package (due to international trade treaties and the package originating in a foreign, trade-friendly country), but CBP operates with little to no oversight, so they are free to pick and choose which laws they enforce and/or interpret.

    If CBP seizes a package and do not return it to sender, the process they offer for appeal and review of their decision is useless as they do not respond to requests for such. It is reasonable to assume some packages are simply being stolen as packages that are seized and not returned to sender are supposed to generate a notice, sent through the mail, to the recipient, explaining the decision and offering a chance for appeal and review.

    I have also had the post office stop a package en route, and then return to sender. Upon inquiring with them when it happened, they blamed CBP, who in turn blamed USPS, who blames CBP, etc, etc. The last year and a half has sunk whatever little faith I had in these entities. I wish DHL was a shipping option - I would gladly pay for it.
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