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Taking white nasal snuff(Cheetah) orally?

Hey everyone!
I've read few threads on here about how in india snuff is used mostly orally even ones made originally for nasal use, and someone mentioned how white snuffs are not used orally.

I am still a begginer and still learning how to take cheetah, that sh*t always goes down my throat no matter the technique.
So I was wondering if I could use it orally and gow would I go about it the most fit way?
Thank you in advance :)


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I don't think it would be very good orally, but I would absolutely advice you to try it and tell us how it is =)

  • @Rogue I was still thinking if I want to or not but for the science and the forum I'll try and let you know :)

    Also since I'm here, any tips on taking that stuff? It's so fine, and I believe ill figure it out with time and experience as I'm a begginer, I'm curious if there are any tips?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    You can mix it with really moist coarser or oiled snuffs, or add 7-10% clarified butter, ghee or medical grade vaseline oil (aka paraffin oil, paraffinum liquidum; in my region it's available in most drug stores (apotekas) and costs just a few euros). If you don't have precision scale, you can use a dropper or a pipette and add 1-2 drops of body-warm butterfat or oil per 1 g snuff. Mix very well, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the new super easy to take texture. If you don't have a pipette, you can make an improvised one from a straw - just immerse it in oil or warm fat (5-10 mm deep) and close the top opening of the straw with your finger; carefully take the straw out (keeping the top closed) and dispense the oil/fat drop-by-drop by partly (and slowly!) releasing your finger from the top of the straw.

    I would advise against taking non-oiled white snuffs regularly. They all contain large amounts of strong alkalizers which in that super fine and extra dry state irritates your airways really bad.
  • @volunge Oh wow you really know your snuff science! So here are a few questions for you,
    1. which of fats would you reccomend? Butter, oil or vaseline?
    2. Why couldn't I use let's say just regular oil?
    3. In what way would you take the mew made mixture? Like dip ornrub on gums or something else?
    4. Would that technique work with all snuffs?
    5. Also what about coconut butter?
  • @ Mr.Unix , you are in good hands ! I will second vounge's opinion and advice you against using Cheeta white snuff orally . You may mix it up with other moist snuffs like LA natural to make it use as a dentifrice .

    As a general concept moist snuffs are easier to use both orally as well as nasally.
  • Kinda like skoal just a pinch between your cheek and gum.
  • If you don't mind the taste of dairy fat, I recommend using clarified butter or ghee. Food/pharma grade paraffin oil aka vaseline oil (mind you, it's not a paraffin or vaseline!) is tasteless. Cooking oils, even the refined ones, may impair the taste. I haven't tried coconut butter, but it's safe to use. For instance, PLS Karibik snuff comes greased with coconut oil.

    Paraffin oil can be used as a solvent for menthol crystals (up to 5% by weight of end product), camphor (up to 2%) and essential oils (eucalyptus - up to 4.5%), if you prefer to medicate your snuff. By the way, these ingredients will further improve the texture, making snuff easier to take.

    This technique works with all non-oiled snuffs.

    All I told in this and my previous post refers to taking snuff nasally.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    There's no big science in using it orally, just take a hefty pinch load your bottom lip - open it like a drawer with your fingers, pour a pinch between your front teeth and gum and very slowly close it back).

    Or simply rub a pinch into your gum. Leave it there for some minutes. Rinse your mouth with water afterwards, spit out the slurry (don't gut it).
  • When I take snuff orally I take a bit of paper towel put it in my mouth then chew it into a ball, then I put it into the snuff tin cover it with snuff and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I take the ball now caked in snuff and put it in the lower lip, you can also put it in the upper lip like snus but I find you get a much better nic hit in the lower lip.
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