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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How many nasal snuffs do you keep open at once?

Right now open i have a tiny amount of mchrystals cbd, about half a 30 gram tin of 6 photo medicated no.666 a 150 gram container of cheetah, half a container 35 gram of white elephant, a freshly opened 35 gram tin of LA natural, a 20 gram tin of Wlsons irish 22 a little less than half a container of grand cairo, a 10 gram tin of sp extra with about 8 grams, and a 35 gram container of afhan white open, do you think i should refrain from opening any more to keep them fresh???


  • Well depends on how you store them. In my experience, the cheapest and most practical way to store 10+ open snuffs are vacuum sealable boxes. Snuff stays perfectly fresh as long as theres no air flow from/into the tin. You can even tape them around if you wont use some that often. Thats it!
  • I have about 6 tins going right now. I fill my snuffbox for the day and keep the open tins in an airtight plastic tub. I use snuff fairly quickly so freshness isn't an issue.
  • Thank you guys!!! im gonna have to get a vacuum sealable box
  • really dry snuffs like your cheetah and white elephant can be open for a long time before a change in flavor (if ever!). especially if you store it well. another easy and cheap method is to get mason jars and use electrical tape around the lip. for the 666 and other moister snuffs will dry out sooner and I've had sp extra go stale on me before. but i still don't toss it. i suggest starting a large jar to put all your dried out snuffs and snuffs with flavors you're not over the moon about and mix them together. it makes a new flavor every time you add to it! 
  • I am thinking of buying a mini fridge to store all my snuff's opened or not. I believe cool temp 67°-70°f will keep the oils the freshest.
  • @StudiodecolBleu - do tell if it works out! Is be interested to hear it as I've considered the same thing without getting around to it yet! I currently just keep them in a tupperware box in a dark cupboard, seems to do the job pretty well
  • TomarookTomarook Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    Several dozen. If I enjoy a snuff that I open I place the contents into one of these, then I transfer a portion I want to snuff with a clean spoon into a snuff box. Mason jars with two part lids are entirely airtight and will keep the snuff fresh. I've kept snuff in mason jars for years without deterioration of flavour or loss of moisture. 

    When I buy snuff for my cellar and they don't come in a vacuum sealed tin I seal them in mylar bags. I first started doing this when I was buying SWS snuff for my cellar, as I didn't want to remove them from the tin in fear of risking mold. 
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