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  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited May 18 PM
  • Kachoo2UKachoo2U Member
    Recently 2021
  • Kachoo2UKachoo2U Member
    SG FireDance
    McChrystals CBD Infused, Fine Keg, Star Gazer
    SNUV Interestingly Provocative Named Snuffs lol
    SWS Roslein Queen Charlotte aka Snuffy Charlotte
    Paul Gotard Cactus Red Non Tobacco.

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  • GormurGormur Member
    edited May 22 PM
    Mullins & Westley Keen Scented 25g
    Samuel Gawith Dr. Verey's Plus 25g x2
    McChrystal's O&G infused with CBD 8.75g
    CBD Premium 10g
    J&H Wilson Medicated No.99 20g
    Gawith Hoggarth CM 25g x3
  • 200g Toque SP Extra.

    That is all lol.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited May 25 PM
    @Gormur I am thinking of buying Keen Scented. Is it a regular of yours?

    250g Grand Cairo
    20g HDT
  • RobEdgarRobEdgar Member
    Toque Peanut Butter
    Toque Natural
    Toque Natural Toast
    Toque Original
    Toque SP Extra
    Toque Quit
    Toque Rustica

    I've got a few go-tos with toque, every time I order I get them and stick a couple more in that I haven't tried....unfortunately, every single one I've tried I've loved, so the go-to list just keeps getting bigger!
  • Otto Schmalzer
    Toque Ambrosia
    F&T Princes Special
    F&T French Carotte
    Toque Whiskey & Honey
    Otto Classic AM
  • cigargodcigargod Member
    edited May 26 PM
    Anyone in the US ordered from rosinski in the last few months?
    Waiting on an April order from Rosinski:
    3 x Frankfurter, 3 x Oderlander, 1 Goldapper, 2 x Uckermarker, 2 x Driesener, 1 Alter Fritz, 1 Ochsenkopf, 2 x Morgentau, 1 Berliner Luft.
  • @cigargod I did. We had success by using not-tracked shipping. I received it in less than 2 weeks from shipment date.
  • cigargodcigargod Member
    Dang. According to tracking mine has been on a ship(possibly rowboat) since 4-29
  • @cigargod my second to last Rosinski order, ordered in the beginning of December, was shipped by boat and took 3 months to finally reach my doorstep, but did eventually arrive.
  • MrUnixMrUnix Member
    Recent MrSnuff order (2 orders small time gap)

    6 photo Super Kailash - 45g
    Viking Dark - 24g
    Toque Whiskey and Honey - 10g
    WoS Best S.P. - 5g
    Poschl Sudfrucht - 25g
    Viking Dark Rapee - 100g
    6 photo Cheeta - 35g 
  • Just arrived from a friend yesterday!!
    10g gletscher-prise, lowen-prise, Bayern-prise, rosinski poltergeist, tabacum, and carlsbader. Do not like the tabacum so far haha, we willl see though.
  • g3intelg3intel Member
    My Rosinski (Carlsbader, Frankfurter, and Kähtnertabak) just arrived today-- I've tried the first two and I'm saving the last for after dinner. The Frankfurter is a really nice berry-heavy schmalzler, but the Carlsbader is even better. Nice mixture of coffee and chocolate with little hints of vanilla, absolutely lovely in the nose.
  • 6photo: Cheetah, kailash, MG madras

    F&T: Seville, Santo Domingo

    Poschl: perleretuer, Red Bull, Andechs

    Viking: ISS

    Toque: quit, raspberry menthol, menthol, ambrosia, black cherry

    Bernard: Virginie, jubilaums, Amostrinha

    Radfords: premium

    Ozona: president

    Samuel gawith: elmos reserve

    WoS: matador
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    Samuel Gawith KB Original
    Samuel Gawith Silky Dark
    Samuel Gawith Golden Glow
    Samuel Gawith Scented KB

    Not tried any of these before.
  • GormurGormur Member
    @Huysmans It turns out MW Keen Scented and WoS SM are one in the same snuff which I didn't realize.  Incidentally I'm still waiting on my order to arrive but I did some digging online.  WoS SM isn't my favorite.  Just sort of an average eucalyptus/menthol snuff that kind of burns my nose after a bit.  Cheers
  • From MrSnuff:
    1 x Viking Blonde 24g
    1 x Bernard Klostermischung 10g

    From Toque:
    1 x Toque Vanilla, Cherry, and Rose 10g ea.
    1 x Viking Scotch Dark 20g
    1 x Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice 20g

    I'm especially looking forward to the Jock's Choice and the Klostermischung.
  • My order from @MrSnuff came today. I ordered on the 14th of this month, so the discreet and quick shipping is the first great thing I noticed!

    Tried the Klostermischung first, and woah! What a difference between that and my homemade mapacho snuff! Moist, with quite a strong scent, which immediately reminded me of both a good strong German dark beer and the first time I ever smelled a good pipe tobacco. The smell stayed in my nose for an hour after taking, just pleasantly lingering and keeping me company.

    The Viking Blonde was much finer grind, and reminded me how necessary it is to not inhale too deeply when taking snuff! Lovely, nutty smell but my goodness did it get a sneeze out of me the first time!

    Between the two, I have to say I like the Klostermischung best, though I'm more likely to use the Viking as a daily go-to.
  • 1 x Wilson's Irish 22 10g
    1 x " " Crumbs of Comfort 5g
    1 x SNUV White Line, Iron Throne, and Nutty Joe 15g
    1 x SWS Lundy Foote and Mull of Oa 15g
    1 x 6 Photo M.G. Madras and Green Dragon 8g
    1 x Bernard Brazil Doppel Fermentiert 10g

    Most looking forward to the Iron Throne, Nutty Joe, Lundy Foote, and Madras. Anyone tried any of these and can give an idea what to expect?
  • 1 x Berwick Brown 25g
    1 x Rosinski Kathnertabak 10g
    1 x Quit 25g
    2 x NTSU black 14g

    Had everything except the Rosinski before so looking forward to trying that.

  • @BeerandSnuff Sounds adventurous!
  • @BevisMalverde,

    Yes, looking forward to it.
  • g3intelg3intel Member
    Viking Dark, SG KB Original, Gawith Hoggarth SP, F&T Santo Domingo, Bernard's Zwiefacher, Magic Moments, and Klostermichung, WoS Grand Cairo and Africa, Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice, J&H Top Mills No. 1, and 6 Photo Chocolicious.
  • 5 nutty joe
    1 golden horn
    1 creme de fig
    1 Moro Moro
  • lemanleman Member
    My first snuff order in over 10 years arrived yesterday
    Several of what I ordered didn't even exist when I was real big into snuff. 
    Toque:  Violet, Camphor & Clove, Lime, and Spearmint.  The Spearmint has completely gotten rid of my recent dip habit. 
    McChrystal's O&G, one of my favorites from way back then 
    Dr Rumney's Green, holy menthol 
    Sammy G Pinewood Ice, unusual but good 
    Ozone: President, Red Bull, some of my other old favorites 
    Otto Schmalzler, I just love Schmalzlers
  • Order just received: 100g cannister Viking Thors Hammer, 100g cannister Viking Scotch Dark, 25g Sam Gawith Firedance, 25g Toque Quit X2, Viking Thor's Hammer 20g, Toque USA Whiskey and Honey 10g X6...I'm pretty damn happy with this order, I really like the variety Toque has now, and It's so much nicer with package tracking.
  • Picture of above order.
  • edited August 6 PM
    6 Photo Green Dragon
    Edit: my bad, meant this for the What's In Your Nose thread
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