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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's a strange scent profile but you still like it?

I've just tried my first 6 photo snuff (LA Natural)...reminds me of cleaning the kitchen with Cillet Bang kitchen degreaser after an aromatic chicken roast, all the while being in a swimming pool....but in a GOOD way somehow, a bit like how people describe Laphroaig whisky as smelling like "burning hospitals" again in a good way!

Anybody have a similar reaction to other snuffs?


  • On each comeback to Toque USA W&H and Samuel Gawith KBO I find the flavour profiles of those snuffs somewhat sickening initially. It always takes quite a few pinches to start digging these old favourites of mine again.
  • @volunge interesting, I havent yet tried either of those, but I get the same slightly sickening feeling with Elmo's Reserve. Initially it reminds me of a burning tennis ball, and then my nose sort of changes and I'm able to snuff it all day!
  • Some of my favorite SPs smell of.... boogers...  In a good way.  (Tom Buck, Toque Original)
  • @SHbickel...are you sure it's not working the other way around???!!!!
  • I didn't like Patchouli at first but the scent grew on me.  Not an all day, everyday time snuff but very nice for when I want something a little different.
  • @RobEdgar I know, right?! It's weird. Sort of musty, sweet, earthy, with the faintest hint of chlorine. Almost like sometimes a pool can smell like boogers.  (Or am I just crazy? ) :))
  • @Deez - for some reason whenever I've had it, my wife can smell it from across the room and tells me it smells like mould!

    @SHbickel - I honestly can't say I've detected anything like that in Tom Buck or Original, but that's why I asked the question really - it's amazing the differences between people when smelling the same exact thing! Fascinating
  • jockey club.. it's grown on me, every time i use it wife just looks at me with that look and says 'snuffing soap again?'
  • @expers yes! First time I had it, it just smelled almost geriatric, pur it down for a while and returned to it later when I was out of everything else, don't know what's happened to my nose in the meantime but I absolutely love it now!
  • SG Elmo's Reserve. I'm familiar with their tonquin-topped pipe tobacco (1792 Flake), but it's a whole new world with the snuff. It's very barnyardy and manure-y, but with that vanilla/cinnamon/almond/cherry thing. Smells like plastic and heaven at the same time.
  • RobEdgarRobEdgar Member
    edited August 2021 PM
    @pantsBoots Ive only had two from SG: Elmo's Reserve and Black Arabica, but I find that that once you break the seal, after a couple of days, the aromas come together a bit more!

    Plastic and heaven made me chuckle!
  • @RobEdgar - the tonquin note threw me as I thought I was familiar with it, but it is its own animal when used for snuff
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