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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Yep floral - A few pinches of some vintage Gawith Hoggarth Jockey Club  
  • SWS ABR chased with SG Kendal Brown Special and then White Elephant.
    @MisterPaul I find that this layering is quite magical, but if I mix them all together in a Frankensnuff before pinching … good, but not so magical.
  • Gawith Hoggarth Fleurette - Leader of the pack so far this one; very pinchable. Notwithstanding that though I do have my old favourite wallflower to go still (will it me as nice as my rose tinted glasses recall?) 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 17 PM
    @omgroma - Ah, I see, layering rather than blending - Interesting; thanks for sharing :)

    Carrying on with the floral odyssey du jour with what I'm led to believe is a carbon copy of the late great G. Smith's Golden Cardinal Snuff - A few pinches of Gawith Hoggarth Ambasidor 
  • M&W Mature Crumbled and 6 Photo Green Dragon have been keeping me quietly content this morning.
  • The final one of the florals then for todays binge - GH Wallflower, still great, there's a pleasant 'earthy' tone in the mid with this one that I really like - Suspect that I will join @Huysmans with some M&W Mature Crumbled as I have a brand new tin of that, which was delivered the other day :D
  • Yep! Some pinches of M&W Mature Crumbled. I guess that you could say that this is 'just' an SP. But, it's such a darn fine one ;) A delightful bit of nose candy to be sure :D
  • SP Extra
  • That’s me ordering some Matured Crumbled then. I’m so fickle.
    Today, it’s back to my Frankensnuff.
    Jockey Club & Toque Menthol 50/50 with a dash of McC’s Violet (again, I’m fickle) but then two snuff spoons of Toque Rustica and Two FUBAR SNAFU plain.
    I call it “Bouquet Of Barbed Wire”
    Others may call it an abomination.
  • @Puffnsnuff lol! I had not heard the term Frankensnuff until @MisterPaul said it! Currently I have 1:1 White Elephant, SG Kendal Brown Original and Bernard Zweifacher. Many times when I cite a mix including some of the more artisan snuffs, I think it will be considered an abomination. But then, once one gets to know a snuff well, one can discern it in a mix and observe its alchemy.
  • @Puffnsnuff -  “Bouquet Of Barbed Wire” that made me laugh out loud! :)) =))
  • Well it's been a challenging week, I've mixed myself a vesper martini and am going to chill out and watch a film.this evening with a few pinches of SWS Field of Junipers :)
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 17 PM
    @MisterPaul I don't know how you and others find Mature Crumbled but, especially now I have this tin open a good few weeks now, it has a sweet brown sugar aroma to it. Like a sugar topped fruit cake.

    Back to my old favourite this evening Grand Cairo.
  • Alternating between Viking Blonde and Thor's Hammer all day. Now loading my boxcar with some Dragon Madras for a nightcap.
  • Equal parts Toque Spruce and Toque Camphor and Clove
  • It's going to be yet another Blonde & Hammer day.

    This Blonde is growing on me.
  • A few drinks were quaffed in the end and it turned out to be a late night, catching up on some movies I had been planning to check out for a time.

    Some recuperating with a couple of Americano's and some pinches of Old Paris
  • @Huysmans - I do really rate Mature Crumbled, even though the flour is on the finer side of medium. I don't think that it's actually supposed to be cased with anything, but I do get an undertone of citrus (Bergamot, lemon or neroli maybe?) The nose feel [to me] is very smooth and luxurious. Reflecting on it, I can see where your coming from with the simile of fruit cake, though I hadn't thought of it in those terms before - A nice insight on your part :)
  • A slow Saturday morning after a late night. A few pinches of HDT to liven up my pulse and then Old Paris for the remainder.

    @MisterPaul Like the sublime Grand Cairo, Mature Crumbled is one of those utterly unique snuffs that I can never grow tired of.
  • Otto Glacier
  • @MisterPaul, Mature Crumbled ( = relabeled WoS Gold Label) is scented with quite a few essential oils. You are probably right about citrus, but there's also a very distinct presence of bay leaf.
  • Bordeaux
  • Afternoon Gents :) @Huysmans and @Volunge - Hmmm... have just dug out the WoS Grand Cairo to check this. All three have a similarly to me. I have to admit that I recalled Mullins & Westley saying there was no casing when I was last at the shop several years ago. The late great Basement_Shamen really rated WoS GC and WoS Gold Label. I guess all SP type blends will have some commonality? I think that Mature Crumbled just pips it [to my palate] but I guess YMMV.
  • @Perique - will join you with a couple of pinches of Bordeaux :) @Huysmans was asking what it's like: I think it's kind of similar to Princes, but with some bonus citrus tones, more complex floral base and a very faint musky maybe slightly smokey accent - How would you describe it?
  • Jocks Choice, expensive but I think every snuffer should give it a go, a very well put together snuff.
  • Toque Spanish Gem
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited September 19 PM
    Equal parts Bernard Zweifacher, Toque Spruce and White Elephant. I think the Toque Spruce could be my desert island snuff (now that SG Kendal Brown Special and their London Brown are no more).
  • Toque Rustica, prepared according to the expert advice on this forum. Cannot believe how strong it is!
  • SG Celtic Talisman. The longest lasting in the nose snuff I have had the pleasure to take.

    @Omgroma I made a similar preparation and it almost took my nose off!
  • Jock's Choice
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