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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • WoS Grand Cairo
  • End to a busy weekend, winding down with some Samuel Gawiths Black Rapee
  • Santo Domingo to end/begin the week.
  • Dragon Madras + Thor's Hammer (1:1)
  • Sir Walter Scott Moro Moro then WoS SP100
  • Shower, scrub and shave to start the week off - a light dusting of Fribourg & Treyer's Morlaix to finish that off :)

  • A far more slovenly start to the week for me than @MisterPaul above (I'm still working from home if that's an excuse) with KB Scented.
  • KB scented is a good call @Huysmans, I may break that out later myself ;) 

    Unusually for me I've opted for WoS Irish Toast #22 this morning. This doesn't get a lot of use as I have a lot of toasts and Scotches in my collection. Plus, the tin I have is a bit of 'little bitch' to open! It was worth the time I spent prying it open though, as toasts go this up there to be fair :D 
  • Changing it up with Sir Walter Scott's Aged Border Rapee this afternoon: Tough call between this and the SG Black Rapee or SG Kendal Brown Plain. 
  • Dragon Madras
  • GH Cafe Regal
  • McCrystals OG. Don't reach for the mentholated very often because of rebound problems if overdone. But when I do OG is the head menthol in charge. It gives the nicotine for me equal or stronger than my staple Toque USA WH.
  • Joining @Tapout on the menthol vibe with some Hedges, this and McCrystals are the only ones I own. 

  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 21 PM
    Mullins & Westley Particular. A finish, light, SP type snuff.
  • Gawith Apricot
  • Nutella for after supper sweet tooth :)
  • 6 Photo French Riviera - a very smooth and enticingly perfumed snuff.
  • Sadly nothing at the minute as I’m at a job interview, but later, it’ll be some Hedges.
  • @Sariel good luck!

    Toast and Marmalade in my nose.
  • @Sariel - Ditto; good luck to you. I'll also join you in few pinches of hedges ;) 
  • @SHbickel & @MisterPaul
    Ta very much! Just got home and I now have a couple of pinches of Hedges in my nose.
    Aaaand relax!
  • SG Elmos Reserve
  • 41Photo Golden Himtaj. A certain floral dankness complementing the autumnal vibe.
  • A bit aggrieved by some work matters yesterday still this morning, so I'm having a few pre-breakfast pinches of SWS Havana Toast
  • Bernards Zweifacher mixed equally with Toque Rustica and White Elephant.
  • Viking Blonde
  • Some pinches of F&T's Santo Domingo - Nice, although normally more of an evening snuff for me 
  • F&T Princes - what a classic. Full-bodied tobacco and something floral in the background. I'm not very good at identifying these subtle back notes and I won't hazard a guess at such an early stage of getting to know this snuff. In any event magnificent.
  • McChrystals Glacier whilst elegantly sprawled staving off a migraine. Every cloud etc...
  • SWS ABR chased with SG Kendal Brown Special and swiftly followed with 41P White Elephant.
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