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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • @Huysmans - So pleased that you're feeling that one :) I'll join you in a few pinches of F&T's Princes too  ;;)

    @Betty_BW - "whilst elegantly sprawled staving off a migraine."  - What a lovely turn of phrase! Well snuff worked for Queen Catherine de Medici, fingers crossed that you'll feel brighter later too :)
  • Have changed for a few pinches of SWS Havana Toast
  • Toque Lime Toast
  • Toque Otto Chancellor
  • @betty_bw I do hope you find a bit of relief as they run in my family or sprint as I’d like to say.

    @misterpaul I do hope my palette enjoys the Havana toast.

    I am enjoy a bit of nutty joe by snuv, odd how I pick up different scents depending on what I know not yet.
  • SG Kendal Brown Special
  • @StudiodecolBleu - it's rather cigar like (as you'd expect from the name!) in a maduro type way, the grind is nowhere near as fine as say SWS Lundy Foot, F&T's HDT or other toast/scotch types. Notwithstanding that it very nice, and I can think of anything else that's similar, so I guess unique, it is out there on its own ;)
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 24 PM
    Pinching away at F&T's Old Paris this morning, such a great all day snuff this :)
  • SWS Creme du Figue No.1 this afternoon 
  • Gave my snuffbox a clean and filled it with enough Grand Cairo to last me the day.
  • Babaton Blue
  • F&T Princes Special
  • F&T Princes Special
  • Gawith Apricot
  • Still SWS CdF currently... :)
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited September 24 PM
    I’ve been on wintergreen, menthol and schmalzler mixes all day, but now it is SWS ABR chased with SG KB Special and then 41P WE (with a rather nice, hoppy, Scottish pale ale).
  • Bernards Zweifacher
  • Rosinski Klippenritt
  • @Omgroma - I've resisted the pull of your love of Indian snuffs for a while... Some pinches of 41P Yellow Lily Menthol - I had forgotten how strong and fine these bad boys are!
  • F&T Princes. I'm preferring this to the Santo Domingo now.
  • 6P Mysore Sandalwood. 
    @MisterPaul, @StudiodecolBleu thanks for your comments. I indeed did find the Glacier helped after a few pinches. 

  • Had an appointment in the centre of London so I popped into Segar & Snuff and picked up some M&W Keen Scented and Black Rappee.
    Now relaxing with an iced Diet Coke and a pinch or three of the Keen Scented. I’d forgotten how smooth it is considering the menthol kick.
  • @Sariel regrettably I haven't passed Covent Garden since before lock-down sadly, it is a grand old spot, those old school tobacco emporiums are all to rare these days. I've been out of keenly scented for a time, I might pop a tin in my next order ;) What do you think to their Black Rapee? Is it any different to the Samuel Gawith one? (Which I'm pinching now)
  • @MisterPaul They are all too scare these days. I still miss G Smith’s. I’ve not had SG Rapee for a long while but if I remember rightly, they’re very similar. I could be wrong…I frequently am but M&W’s Rapee feels a bit richer, although my favourite Rapee has to be SWS. That, for me is head and shoulders above them all.
    This evening, it’s Toque USA Whiskey & Honey.
    Nice with a cold lager. Or two.
  • Toast and Marmalade
  • 6P No.666, Suitably fortifying for a torch-lit dog walk.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 26 PM
    F&T HDT and a 4am mug of tea.

    @Sariel I was going to pop into the parlour on my way across town on Saturday afternoon but the best laid plans etc....
    I'm not a great user of menthols but I do enjoy Keen Scented in occasion and have an open tin in my collection.
    @MisterPaul The Black Rappee is a good one. Close to the WoS Brunswick but in my experience moister, fuller in flavour and slightly coarser.
    When I do get another excuse to go to Covent Garden I'll pick up another tin of that and my two favourites Mature Crumbled and Particular.
  • Maybe one too many shandys up at the pub last night; so, feeling a little sketchy this morning :/ Hopefully some pinches of Hedges will sort me out.

    @Sariel & @Huysmans - Thanks to you both the steer, I appreciate your advice. I might get a tin I think. I am enjoying the SWS one very much. I seem to be having a bit of a think for rapee'a due to the loss of beloved London Brown.
  • @MisterPaul Yes, the Indian Whites are a staple for me, not so much their highly oiled and flavoured snuffs.
    I’ve been on Wilsons Best SP for most of the day, but have just dug out tins of SG London Brown and Scotch Black from the chest freezer. Currently have the former in my nose and just about to insuflate the latter.
  • F&T Bordeaux.
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