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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • I'd have to dig for the Rooster (though hey; it would be totally worth it! ;) and I might well do it in a min!) To join @Jammer :) But, for the time being I'm going with Helme's Square.
  • W. E. Garrett Scotch
  • A mixture of my three favourites Grand Cairo, Old Paris and HDT throughout the day.
  • Winding down after work with SP 10, spend the day using Rusty Trombone and Dr. Rumneys Green, one of my new faves
  • Toque Pumpkin Pie
  • A few waking up pinches of Mullins and Westley's Keen Scented - it's turning into a bit of a thing that! ;)
  • J&H Wilsons Top Mill N.1 now, however I started the day with Mullins&Westely Mature crumbled
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited October 9 PM
    @Dyson_nose - That's a blast from the past! J&H Wilsons TM #1 was one of the first tins of snuff I ever brought - A British classic that :) :-bd

    I'll belatedly join you with a few pinches of Mullins and Westley's Mature Crumbled ;)
  • Dholakia black, still holding up well after buying it 11 years ago.
  • Dholakia Black,  Bam !!! A nice blast to start the day.  8-}

    Haven't enjoyed it in a while,  thanks for the reminder !  
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited October 9 PM
    Rosinski Klippenritt.
    How Rosinski can knock your socks off with Wintergreen, yet manage to keep the aromatic quality of the green tobacco right up there alongside it, is quite something!
  • SG KB Special chased with 41P White Elephant.
  • SG KB Scented. Really very good … indeed!
  • Belatedly joining @BeerandSnuff & @perique in the Dholakia party but with Taj as the black was out of stock 11 years ago! :)) =))
  • Toque day today. Started with Lime Toast, most of the day with Natural Toast (got a delivery this morning) then USA Whiskey & Honey for after dinner this evening.
  • Toque Berwick Brown
  • 6P Mysore Sandalwood:Keen Scented 50:50. Best of both mix.
  • Viking Dark, which has really been the standout of my collection recently, for whatever reason.
  • S.p. 100 to go along with my earl grey tea. I love snuffing an sp with earl grey, it's bergamot heaven.
  • I have been away the last few days with friends from ytpc where cell service is nill. Whilst there enjoying Santo Domingo, dragon madras toast and macoba. When I got there Sue Dunhill shared the last of her old mills Suzette and creole both have the aged issue but Very enjoyable with aromas unequaled by comparison of blends available today. Thanks for sharing Sue.
  • WoS Plain
  • Gekachelter Virgine, pretty solid snuff although I'm not a fan of the packaging, I had to decant into glass jars.
  • W. E. Garrett Sweet  ;)
  • 6 Photo 666 watching old horror flicks. 
  • McChrystal's Smoker's Blend
  • A post scrub, shower and shave pinch of F&T's Kendal Brown to start the new working week. 
  • "A few waking up pinches of Mullins and Westley's Keen Scented - it's turning into a bit of a thing that!" from a few days ago @MisterPaul. Yep, it's turned into a thing for me too. Feels like a fresh breeze that instantly blows the cobwebs of sleep away.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited October 11 PM
    @Nulliverse - Love that  :x Really pleased that you're liking it too :) 

    It's an odd one for sure: It seems to be the first pinch that I reach for most days currently and I'm loving it! Having said that I'm really enjoying all the Mullins & Westley offerings at the moment. Despite me really liking the SWS Aged Border Rappee, I'm finding that the M&W Black Rappee tin is emptying quicker...

    Pinching away at the M&W Black Rappee now ;)
  • NulliverseNulliverse Member
    edited October 11 PM
    @MisterPaul Nice! I used to be obsessed with SWS Border Rappee so will no doubt love the M&W offering.

    This said, I'm greedily eying up Rosinki's Stargarderand and Pfalzer Jotunheimer.  I've not tried these and have always had a thing for honey / mead snuff. WoS Honey Menthol (now called Bee M?) used to be my favourite.
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