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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • SG KB Scented. I am enjoying this immensely at the moment; a more than adequate substitute for the KB Special (which was one of my absolute staples).
  • Otto Glacier
  • A couple off before bed pinches of Rosinski's Berliner Luff and off I go!  (:|
  • Back on the Princes Special to finish the day. My nose is starting to detect some of the subtleties and it's really growing on me.
  • A post shower bump of Gawith Hoggarth Fleurette to start me off today :)

  • Back to SWS Aged Border Rappee
  • Helme Square Scotch - A lot of smoky toasted goodness in that bad boy!  8-}
  • Otto Chancellor all day, every day of late.
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    SG KB Scented. This has really grown on me and I think I may even prefer it to the KB Special now.
    They’re ALL good … lol
  • Bernards Zweifacher.
  • Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original. My first tin. I'm loving it.
  • 6P Colonial Club, rather zingy and refreshing.

  • USA W&H all day again!
  • Ive been switching between Irish 22 and SP. 100 a lot today. I just had some Rumneys Green to menthol out my sinuses a bit and now I think ill go back to my Irish. Ive gone through half a 25 gram tin in like 2 weeks which is pretty unusual for me. Ive got quite a large collection and usually take a few months to go through a 25 gram.
  • periqueperique Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Toque USA whiskey & Honey
  • Alternating between Mullins & Westley's Keen Scented and Mature Crumbled this morning as I'm not feeling so good....  
  • Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo - Lush!
  • Dholakia White followed up with SugandhSagar Rose
  • @MisterPaul sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I'll join you with the Santo Domingo which will hopefully have a restorative effect on you.
  • SWS Pontefract Priory - Fabulous!!! 
  • @Huysmans - Cheers mate; thanks for that :) American Snuff Co. Tuberose Scoth - Have a case full of these and don't use them nearly enough, American scotch's are the business
  • F&T Old Paris to start the weekend off.
  • SarielSariel Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Snuv White Walker this morning …Ooooh…Eeerrgghh…Aaaahhhgggrr!! That’ll wake you up in the morning!! Not doing that again in a hurry. Nice as an occasional nip once the day is underway but not with a morning cuppa.
  • Caning the snuffs a bit this morning as i have the old spoon out, lots of perfectly sized apple pip portions of the Mullins and Westley's tins 8-}
  • @Sariel - is the SNUV range any good? I don't have any of thier stuff... :-?
  • White Elephant
  • @MisterPaul They’re…different. The White Walker has a fruity, almost bubblegum taste/scent with what feels like chilli in there giving quite a long intense burn similar to Doolali Tap if you’ve had that. I wanted something to wake me up and oooh it did. Iron Throne is peppermint/slight menthol made with rustica I think. The nicest IMO is Rusty Nail which is made with rustica. To my nose, it has a light candy/floral sweetness. There’s that barnyardy, almost dung-like scent in the background like a lot of the Indian white snuffs.
    I think they’re made in India which would explain it.
    I’d say they’re very occasional snuffs, great if you want to wander into the more obscure alleyways of snuff taking. Glad I tried them but I think they’ll last me quite a while.
    Apologies for the length of this post everybody - they’re difficult snuffs to explain!
  • @Sariel - Thanks for the comprehensive response; much appreciated :) I might well add some of the Rusty Nail to my next order.

    My partner and I are off out for dinner with some friends this evening F&T's Princes accompanying me currently :)
  • The eagle has landed and pumpkin pie is rather an enjoyable blend. The crust aroma along with pie spices make this blend very nice treat. Thanks @roderick
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @StudiodecolBleu . You can reach out to Roderick on his own

    A pinch of Johano's rustica in my nose.
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