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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • SWS Lundy Foot.
  • Abraxas cafe 11
  • Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris
  • Toque Quit.

    I got a new 400g package and it's heavier on the rustica than I recalled. I couldn't pick the scent out at all in the last batch. Oh, and the new batch has me bouncing off the walls if I take too much. I wonder if it'll mellow out in time. I really miss that molasses'y scent of the last batch.
  • Yesterday I used Samuel Gawith Jockey Club (I love its rare spicy flavor). I'm sniffing Gletscher Prise today
  • F&T Patchouli
  • a couple of post shower, scrub and shave bumps of G&H's Wallflower to start the working week - There are 'perks of being a wallflower' ;) 
  • Continuing on with some of Bernard's Feinster Kownoer (AKA Old Frankfurt ;) ) - Not a massive fan of Bernard's but this is a belter! 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Some bone-dry KBO.

    @MisterPaul, how come Kownoer aka Old Frankfurt? Afaik, Kownoer in all times was a Kownoer. Old Lithuanian snuff recipe, originating from Kaunas city (aka Kowno).
  • @volunge - Just me being playful! :) I always think that Kownoer is the 'Old Paris' of the Bernard range, and they manufacture in Frankfurt [I believe?]. 

    Someone (to my shame I can't recall who) on the forum many years ago recommended it too me as a green snuff which was similar to Old Paris in scent. I didn't know that it was an old Lithuanian recipe so thank you for enlightening me on that; everyday is a school day  
  • 1:1 Toque Rustica (suitably prepared) and Toque Spruce.
  • Keeping it 'green' with Rosinski's Klippenritt - Like a cool fresh wave of greenery this, lovely :)   
  • Santo Domingo a little goes a very long way.
  • Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux
  • Toque Xmas Pudding
  • Toque Absinthe within arms length all day in between bowls of Old Joe Krantz.
  • Santa Caterina Blu
  • A couple of post shower bumps of Fribourg And Treyer French Carotte to get the ball rolling today - I do like this one, but like the Patchouli [to my mind] it's super persistent in the nose. I'm following up with some M&W Cafe Royale and looking forwards to a good blow in a while...  
  • Abraxas Premium Fin
  • Rosinski's Berliner Luff ;)

  • Janta Dragon Brand Madras. It's a fire breathing dragon of a snuff.
  • Toque Cheese and Bacon
  • Santa Caterina Red
  • A nice couple of post shower, scrub and shave bumps of Fribourg And Treyer Morlaix - As you do! ;)
  • Making my way through the morning with some warm spoons of M&W's Cafe Royale 
  • I just received an old F&T tin that I bought from eBay. It was listed as empty, but on arrival it's about 3/4s full and has a label on top proclaiming it as "Astho Roth".

    The tin lists addresses in Oxford and Cambridge as well as the Haymarket address - a bit of research shows that F&T occupied 130 High Street, Oxford from 1930-1968 and 1970-1976+, and an autobiography of one Frank Bird says he worked at F&T Tobacconists on Kings Parade when he was 15 which looks to have been around 1951, so I'm inclined to date the snuff around the 50s, given that records show another tobacconist in the Cambridge location from 1962. It has a very old musty smell which may be by intent or just a result of the passage of time. Certainly an interesting one for the collection, although I'll be mostly sticking to the Morlaix today.
  • ^^^ Smokey Jasmine originally I believe, I think that it was one of there later creations - Can't fault you for sticking to the Morlaix though old bean ;)

    Some M&W's Black Rappee for me currently :)
  • Asthoroth (also the name of an angel/demon) was made for James Robertson Justice of F&T's JR Justice fame there's a very old post about him from old pal Nigel at Abraxas here
  • A bit of change of pace with Fribourg And Treyer Macouba, I had forgotten how like Gawith Hoggarth Fleurette this number is... 

  • Toque Spanish Gem
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