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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Anyone giving snuff gifts this year?

My younger brother ( mid 40's) ) has tried my snuff, and has decided to take it up. 
So for Christmas this year, i've boxed up a great selection of the main types of snuff, some plain, some heavy menthol, some scented, some course etc. 
Along with his snuffs, i've boxed up a bundle of nice handkerchiefs, a nasal rinse bottle with some sea salt, a swidget flip spoon ( little spoon on keyring handle, flips out like a flick knife ), and ( don't laugh ) an electric nasal hair trimmer ( clean nostrils really help to enjoy snuff ). I hope he loves it. 
Anyone else giving snuff related pressies this year? Or expecting some? 


  • Sounds like an amazing starter pack!  I wish I was getting some snuff for the holidays; I guess I'll have to treat myself.
  • @Deez Well, he loved it. I also gave him a half dozen little pill containers with attached little spoons, so he can decant his faves when hes out and about, I look forward to hearing from him about what kinds he prefers, and i also look forward to watching his tastes change over time, as mine certainly did ( hated indian snuff at first, now i adore all of it )
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