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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Top 5 menthol/medicated

I am really quite liking the menthol snuffs! I've only got 2 currently but will be putting an order in soon and wanted to see what people rated as their top 5.
So, which ones are a cut above the rest?


  • 2 that I like the best are RedBull and Viking menthol.
  • 6 Photo Special
    Hedges l260
    WoS SM 500
    WoS Dynamite
    South African - Dr.Rumney's 5g
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • All I have to go on are Hedges and McChrystal's Original & Genuine. Of the two, I slightly prefer O&G for an "all day" mentholated snuff just because the menthol is less overpowering. Hedges on the other hand is great to wake up with because it will wake you up one way or the other. I'm not sure if it has more nicotine or not, but it works.

    All in all, you'd be doing yourself disservice if you didn't get both in my opinion. While my menthol experience is, as I said, limited, the general consensus on the various forums I'm on backs that statement up.
  • HR_pufnsnuffHR_pufnsnuff Member
    edited January 2015 PM
    I can't take strong menthols, if I ever do get the urge to have a blocked, runny nose and watering eyes I'll try to catch a cold - that's free.

    Therefore, for my more mild tastes, I'd say;

    6 Photo Kailash
    6 Photo Special
    Gawith and Hoggarth C&M
    Ozona Spearmint or Cherry - when I can get it out the side of that damned swivel-tin!

    I can sometimes cope with the odd pinch of Red Bull and President, however....
  • 6 Photo Kailash
    Bernard's Fichtennadel
    Hedges L.260
    McC O&G
    Pöschl GletscherPrise
  • A vote for Fubar Medic. I love this snuff and feel it's somewhat underrated, maybe due to the slightly unusual branding for this range. Subtle menthol but a gorgeous tobacco undertone.
  • Silver Dollar Medicated
    WoS Cherry Menthol
  • 1. Hedges L260
    2. McC O&G
    3. GH M4X
    4. 6P Medicated No66
  • SM Gold and SM Blue by WoS
  • Thank you everyone. Some good ones to add to the order.
    Funny no mention of the J&HW No99? Is it no good?

    Ones I have tried are McC O&G which is great and the Viking one.
  • @Pablo It loses to Hedges on terms of complexity and flour, at least for me. It's mainly a plain floor menthol bomb while Hedges has that delectable and mysterious biscuity base that has been discussed many times.
  • WoS SM500 (good default medicated)
    WoS Aniseed Extra + Ozona President + McC Highland Ice (tasty&spicy, yet mild freshness)
    WoS Dynamite (strong and smoky eucalyptus bomb)
    Pöschl Löwenprise (!!!!!)

    @basement_shaman‌ Is the "South African - Dr.Rumney's 5g " the same snuff as ?
  • @Staubsauger Reading the reviews on that site, I don't see it to be. The S.A. Version has eucalyptus/camphor/menthol. Great clearing action when your are congested.
    Rumney's export has eucalyptus/menthol / bergamot The descriptions are all over the place with the menthol content ,sounds like a lovely snuff. I would purchase it.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Having only tried 3 menthols, I'm also interested in the others recommendations!

    Of the three I've tried I would rank them:

    1. Toque Blueberry Menthol
    2. WoS Aniseed Extra
    3. McC Original and Genuine

    I too love these menthol snuffs!!
  • @Pablo: For a tobaccofree strong menthol snuff try our Mentholin.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Thanks for all the great suggestions!
    So far on the list is;
    McC - O&G and highland.
    Hedges - L260.
    6 Photo - Special.
    SG - SG extra menthol.
    Poschl - Ozona President.
    WoS - SM 500.

    Few questions though,
    Is the box that the 7g Ozona comes in ok? I've read that with dispenser boxes the snuff may arrive in less than great condition. Link here.

    Also can someone explain the differences between the WoS SM range? There seems to be quite a few to choose from. Ideally I would like one that is not to dry and not to fine.

    Thank you!!
  • Paul that turn tin should be ok, Poschl use oil in their snuff , wont dry out as fast like a water base snuff. Heck it is only 5 grams you will use that up in no time .

    As for the Sharrow Medicated; Try one every order you may find a favorite. Every nose is different What I like you may not.
    6 Photo has three #6 ,#66 ,#666 to suit different taste. Loads of good medicated. if you like coffee flavor 6 Photo coffee kick, Poschl Grado caffe , Fubar Fugazi Menthol, De Kralingse Mentholin
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I should add Gawith Apricot (which seems to be 90% menthol, 10% apricot) is quite good in tap box form. Good all day at work snuff.
  • Thanks @basement_shaman‌ will do.
    @El_presidente‌ Gawith I've not tried fruit snuff yet. Not sure I like the idea but as with most things, keep an open mind to proved.

  • Also can someone explain the differences between the WoS SM range? There seems to be quite a few to choose from. Ideally I would like one that is not to dry and not to fine.

    Thank you!!
  • @Pablo give Ozona President a shot as well. It comes in 7g tap boxes, so you can hardly say no.

  • Also can someone explain the differences between the WoS SM range? There seems to be quite a few to choose from. Ideally I would like one that is not to dry and not to fine.

    Thank you!!
    @Staubsauger‌ thank you!
  • @Pablo give Ozona President a shot as well. It comes in 7g tap boxes, so you can hardly say no.
    @El_presidente‌ it's on the order.
  • WoS Super Menthol is very good. I'm not sure they make it anymore, but if you can find it, try it. It is dark reddish, fine ground, slightly moist, and is just oozing menthol, with maybe some other scents rolling around too, but if you like to a menthol bomb, it is very nice. I haven't tried any of the other menthols by Wilson's, but I sure like the SM. Its probably similar to the others that have SM in the name. They most likely have subtle differences in other scents or perhaps the color of the flour.
  • ShavasanaShavasana Member
    edited February 2015 PM
    Late to the party, but as a menthol lover I have to add my 2¢.

    1. Wilson's of Sharrow Aniseed Extra - My personal favorite. If you're not familiar with the scent of aniseed, it's close to black licorice. Mixed with tobacco, sugar and (a healthy dose of) menthol, it's amazing.

    2. Wilson's of Sharrow Dynamite - A mostly pure menthol scent, with just a hint of smoky tobacco. Similar to Hedges, but without the metallic note and just a tad more mellow (but still akin to rubbing your nose on a glacier)

    3. 6 Photo Kailash - A bit of a different beast as the menthol is mixed with so many (SO many) other strong scents, but still has that cooling/clearing effect. You'll snuff this at night and smell it as you sip your morning coffee the next day.

    4. McChrystal's Original & Genuine - I imagine this to be the quintessential English Menthol snuff. Just a bit on the fine and dry side of most menthols and very strong and cold, a little tobacco and a whiff of citrus shine through.

    5. Ozona President - A bit like a warmer/mellower Aniseed Extra. Sweet, cooling menthol with a nice black licorice finish. A bit course and very moist making it easy to take. This was my first snuff and it was love at first toot.

    6. Hedges L260 - As many have said before, a perfect menthol bomb. I always get a lingering metallic note from it that I sometimes enjoy and sometimes don't. Guaranteed to make your nose run like a faucet. Maybe this is the true "Quintessential English Snuff?" Also, comes in a lovely looking tin.

    Honorable mentions:

    Toque Camphor & Clove - I know that camphor and menthol aren't the same thing, but it still has that cooling/clearing sensation that menthol snuffs do. Makes my nose go numb like no other. I love it right before bed; I find it very calming.

    Sparrow Cool - The menthol in this one is QUITE subtle, but I smell it on the initial hit. This will sound a bit crazy, but if cold, fresh water had a smell, this would be it.

    Dragun Menthol - I love this snuff, but I've never really detected the menthol. When I snuff this my nose runs (I like that). When I snuff regular Dragun, it doesn't. That's as far as the differences go for me.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    In no particular order, WoS extra menthol, its pure menthol!
    WoS honey menthol, warm opener.
    ozona president, sweet and smooth menthol.
    Gawith apricot, weak menthol, great scent in general, tæremove the menthol, keep the rest of the snuff, and it would be boring.
    And of course Gletscherprise!!! Not overpowering, but strong in its own right.

  • Right, so menthols so far;
    McC - O&G, best so far.
    Hedges - wow very strong menthol. Maybe a bit to harsh for me.
    Ozona - President - what a really lovely snuff.

    I do like to mix a small amount of the hedges with a non menthol and it's quite nice.
  • Now I'm adding Toque Camphor and Clove. It has a medicated feel to me. The C and C synergize to become a total head-clearing combo.
  • I did a 50x50 mix of SG Kendal scented and hedges and think I made McC O&G.
  • So far jhw m.e.d. No 99
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