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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • Similar story.  I live in New England USA and travel a LOT for work.  50 years old, started smoking around 13, where I mostly rolled my own for the second half of my smoking life. I actually tried snuff as a teenager, but never got into it.  Started vaping around 2012 with a kit I bought in Germany (also where I bought my first snuff this year) and mixed my own vape liquids for most of the time I vaped.  Gave up vaping for nicotine pouches then Snus at the beginning of 2020.  At the beginning of this year, I was in Germany, I was running out of Snus, so I bought some Gawath Original and Gletscherprise and fell in love with snuff. Now I've been trying new stuff every time I order and I love most of it.  I still Snus at work or sometimes at home when I'm out and about, but I love snuff.  I have a history of sinus issues and sometimes I have trouble clearing my ears when I fly, so I've always used a lot of nasal spray (Afrin).  Now I hardly ever have to spray my nose and my sinuses are great as long as I don't snuff too much, which is hard sometimes, especially after a new order, but life is good.
  • @JetfixerJason Yes, similar! And life is always good  :)>-
  • @jetfixerjason welcome friend :)>-
  • I’m from Virginia been sniffing regularly for 3 months, started sniffing to quit dipping. I am a refrigeration technician
  • Welcome @JetfixerJason and @Scootsnuff. Enjoy!
  • Yes - likewise a warm welcome to the Snuffhouse crew to our new friends @JetfixerJason and @Scootsnuff :-D
  • Hello, Snufftakers.

    Just picked up a tin of McChrystal’s on a whim and I was surprised to find myself all in on the snuff stuff. It smells great, it feels good, it has an interesting history, cool accessories, super discreet, cheap - I could go on and on. I really like it.

    I’m here to learn more about it and share my experiences with my latest indulgence. Also, I want to keep fresh the latest on ordering the stuff - wait times, places to buy, places to use, etc. I’m located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I’d be surprised if I ever meet anyone else who uses snuff around here so I’d love to chat with other Canadians about placing orders and stuff.

    I’ll make another post outlining my orders, wait times and any issues I run into along the way.
  • @MiasmaticPractices Warm welcome from a UK user. It's a nice bunch of people here, and yes, you've found a great hobby/interest/habit/obsession :))
  • @MiasmaticPractices - Welcome to Snuffhouse, great to have you aboard ;)
  • Hi all, 
    I'm Josh from North Carolina. Have ghosted many of the forum posts before and it is astonishing the information and discussions contained. I'm new to snuff but not tobacco, been a 10+ year smoker, dipper, etc. as well as picking up a dip and snuff habit recently! Argh, expensive but snus is so fun of a hobby as well as dip and snuff and chew! This area is a goldmine but I still haven't tried any imported snuffs (and am very curious to!
  • @towhee89 - Hi Josh, welcome to the forum, great to have you aboard :)
  • @towhee89 hiya
  • @towhee89 Hey man - new snuff user here too.

  • Hearty greetings to all new members!
  • Hey guys. I’m new here, sort of. I was an active member around 2010 (how the time flies) but I got into pipes and cigars and life happened but now I’m back into snuff and enjoying it even more. Good to see this place is still here. Sad to see how much fat SG trimmed away.
  • Welcome back to you @SweetSummerChild :) Yes, I think that many here share your sense of loss at the 'trimming' of the SG range too...
  • Hi, I am Ghost.

    I am a lover of snuff tobacco. I live in Ontario, Canada.
    I have been using snuff regularily for about 2 years.

    I primarily enjoy the German snuffs by Poschl. I am soon to receive an order with my first try of Bernard. I also enjoy some of the snuffs from McCrystal's.

    I came to this forum because of my personal enjoyment of snuff, and to connect with others who share my interest.

    I am currently considering acquiring a nice stock of snuffs and shipping to my fellow Canadians. As I'm sure most of us know it is difficult and often costly to order snuff to Canada. Our own market for snuff is almost non-existant.

    Please feel free about commenting your opinions about my possible endeavor. I hope I'm not overstepping any rules or on anyone's toes by posting this.

    Lastly, thank you to the moderators for accepting my request for membership. I am grateful to be part of this community, so there is my introduction.


  • Hey @Ghostof9th :) Welcome to the forum buddy 
  • Thanks @MisterPaul glad to be here :)
  • Hello and welcome #ghostof9th
  • edited February 21 PM
    @SweetSummerChild - Nice to hear you’re enjoying the snuffs once again. Welcome back.

    @Ghostof9th - Welcome bud!
  • Thanks to you too @StudiodecolBleu
  • Hello everyone.

    Pretty new snuff user here from Scotland, just over a year of using snuff/snus to taper off from Vaping.

    After smoking for 10 plus years and vaping for 7 I needed give my lungs a rest and snuffs been perfect.

    Don’t want to give up nicotine though as I rely on it for a pretty stressful job!

    Has been great reading through the forum and building up a nice collection from recommendations that everyone here has used over the years.



  • Welcome @ShireSnuffer I can't help imagining that the fresh Scottish air vividly brings out the scents from a pinch of snuff.
  • Thanks @Huysmans! Yeah was an experience the first time I went outside with a nose full!
  • @shiresnuffer, hello, lots of good people here, enjoy your stay.
  • highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
    edited March 15 PM
    I joined a few months ago but have been lurking for much longer.  I managed to make a post a couple of days ago but can't figure out how to make another one.  I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction

    Thanks to everyone for the making this the incredible resource that it is.
  • Welcome @highdrytoast. If you are using the mobile phone webpage there is a speech bubble icon on the the top left corner that will open a new discussion for you. If you are on the desktop formatted page then in the middle of the left hand vertical text boxes hit the word Discussion.
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