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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Best place to buy snuff online

Where would the members recommend buying snuff from. There seems to be a lot of talk about Mr Snuff but they seem expensive compared to other sites I've found.


  • Toque is my go to but it really does depend on what you want. Mr Snuff has some lines that you will not get anywhere else and I also use them as well, I always shop around, some online tobacco vendors will also carry snuff..
  • My smokingshop has a good service, don't forget, you can buy direct from Wilson's (free post over 20 GBP) also direct from Mcchrystals and Toque.

    Direct dealing is the way to get the freshest snuff.
  • 1, list what you fancy buying. 2, see who sells the list cheapest, but bear in mind what kind of post and packing options and prices there are. 3, some have discount codes from time to time ( ive got 10 percent off several times from mrsnuff, and 20 percent off snuffstore before). 4, sometimes sales prices are astonishingly low, check sites often to see ( i got half price multipacks and some 250 gram tubs for less than a fiver each at WoS once )
    Lots of sites to choose from, ive used lots and change all the time, depending on the 4 points i listed. 
    Bear in mind im in the uK, all the sites ive used are in the uk ( or in the isle of Man... ) so i cannot vouch for overseas service 
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