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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Which is your preferred snuff of the morning?



  • White Elephant
  • Superior first thing with black coffee.
  • @JosephJames, that combo will certainly wake a person up!
  • SM Blue by WOS. Haven't got any at present. Really need to get an order into Wilsons.
  • Whichever is nearest :P
  • Still the same after all these years.
  • I like start my day with a strong coffe or a strong cup of tea and a strong menthol snuff . It is the best for open my eyes and go work :D
  • A basic tobacco snuff as the first one - preferably something like a Madras snuff, Dholakia Sparrow, Smokers Blend, Six photo Natural. I don't really want a lot of fragrances in my first pinch. 
  • I usually take a lucky dip in the morning, I have decanted McC's O&G, Highland Ice, Rustica (straight), Hedges and Toque Raspberry Menthol into individual containers with no labels. So I just reach for whichever snuff my hand lands on, the surprise seems to wake me up a fair bit especially when its the Rustica or Hedges tin
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Lately in the morning I've been using "Razorback" Toast(reg).Goes well with a nice cup of coffee ~O)
  • Used to be a mild menthol, like McChrystals O&G / Poschl Gletcherprise / Ozona President

    Lately nothing seems to be better on a clean nose than SG London Brown.
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  • Seems to be toque camphor and clove for me at the moment!
  • Recently it's needed to be something reasonably coarse, as a fine or even standard ground snuff would result in an eye watering coughing session. As soon as I've had a dose of something coarse to get the ole juices flowing, I'm set for whatever else suits the mood.
  • I love starting off with Sternecker Fresco. It has nicotine, but is so velvety....
    Ross Arlen Tieken, Tobacconist
    The Briar Shoppe, Houston, TX
  • My first tin of Swisher Strawberry arrived today and hoping this will be a nice bedtime and morning snuff, I will find out if its a hit or miss tomorrow morning, fingers crossed.
  • Lately when I need a jolt first thing in the morning, OSP #1 . One of the only ones that I feel the nicotine from and gets my nose cleaned out.
  • @yisraeldov  If ya want to feel nicotine give Samuel Gawith Black Rappee a try.
  • @yisraeldov Same here OSP #1 for the same reasons.
  • @moemojo The only snuff I really notice nicotine is OSP, even toque Whisky And Honey USA I don't get anything and that has rustica.  If I take a big pinch I will notice an elivated heart beat after a while, but nothing like a rush.
  • JNF dragon madras, or ntsu black is my go to in morning, I can actually feel it perk me up, and it also clears the nose for whatever else I decide to put up it.
  • I like to change my rotation daily, but i like heavy nic in the evening, sweet chocolatey snuffs after lunch and dinner, 
    But to answer whats my fave morning snuff, i tend to go for a minty or mentholated snuff, it wakes me up, but if i take menthol often it swells my sinus and clogs my nose for some reason, 
    So i love minty or menthol, there are many to choose from, but only first thing in the morning, 
  • DeezDeez Member
    White Elephant- gives a good nic hit and clears out my nose to start the day.
  • F&T Bordeaux
  • Always something medicated: Hedges L260, or Mullins & Westley's Keen Scented ideally! ;)
  • Still WoS CoC for me
  • Moving more and more towards menthol or something with menthol in it nowadays, great for all seasons.
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited January 18 PM
    Yep, menthol and or mint first thing for me. I like how it wakes me up, clears the airways. But if i use too much, i find it has the opposite affect, and my nasal passages seem to swell up, making further snuffing difficult. ( i also find minty or menthol snuffs affect my taste, and food and drink enjoyment is diminished. SO, early mornings are menthol mornings. for me, but usually only then .
  • bobbob Member
     One of the few snuffs I use. Sambac Jasmine, rose/sandalwood, Dholakia Kamal or ganga, or bernards Zwiefacher. Often which ever I grab in that pre caffeine haze. And yes that explains why I don't come here that often. I am set in my snuffy ways. Though I do find snuff is the best morning tobacco. It certainly wakes one up more then snus or a pipe would. 
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    NTSU Green is my new favorite morning snuff since I just received a roll of 12. The menthol is mild, but the nicotine level is perfect.
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