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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Mouthwatering snuffs, literally

I love all kinds of snuffs, and enjoy rotating maybe a couple hundred. 
But there are 3 snuffs in particular, that literally make my mouth water, because of how delicious they are, and the memories they bring up. 
1,Toque coltsfoot reminds me strongly of aniseed balls, sweets i used to love decades ago as a child. 
2,Wow! Roasted nuts, just reminds me so much of actual salty, roasted nuts
And 3,Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert, its just a deeply delicious stewed prunes and figs smell, reminds me of dark fruit, and figgy biscuits ( newtons cookie for you Americans) 
All 3 get me every time. 
Anybody know what i mean? If so, what makes YOUR mouth water in the same way? 


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Wow roasted nuts is definitely one of the mouthwatering snuffs for me.
    Honey menthol makes my mouth run too. Third is hard, but I wanna say McC anisette.

  • @Rogue It's odd, but some snuffs i can enjoy any time, menthol types to wake up with,  and some i enjoy after eating, i enjoy almost anything, but these few i can take shortly before a meal, they really do make my mouth water, and bring on an appetite. 
    I enjoy anisette, lowen prise too, but the coltsfoot really hits my aniseedy button 
    Honey menthol, is that WoS Bee m?  
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Yes, @Just_Browsing, that may be WoS Bee or Bee Cool or something now. I never really caught up to date on all these new names. To me, Extra M is still Extra Menthol, Anti Extra is still Ani yeah...I think it's Bee Cool or something along those lines. It's honey really shines through.

  • A copious amount of Silky Dark, Dragon Madras, NTSU Black (and other highly alkalinized snuffs) make my mouth water. Physically.
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