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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Indian black snuffs

Hey snuffers, I’m new to snuff world. I have a few questions along my joyful nasal journey. First how is Indian black snuff made? I really enjoy it, it just surprises me it’s tobacco at all. It looks like charcoal but I thoroughly enjoy taking pinches of it. Motia is prob my fav of the Indian black snuffs I’ve taken. If anyone has tried them as a dentrifice like I’ve been seeing it is made for how is it and how is that done? Do I just dip toothbrush in it? If there is a previous post on the topic I’d love to see thanks!


  • Just take a pinch and rub it into your gums. Not a toothpaste ;)

    And yes, I also suspect it contains either a charcoal or some dye. It doesn't look like blackened in the course of fermentation, judging by drip colour. I feel it contains a healthy amount of chalk as well. Would be interested to take a peep at the ingredients list.
  • I don’t know how they make it. But I enjoy Dholakia Black, and 6 photo Motia for Indian black snuffs.
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