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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Chief Bull

XanderXander Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
This is from the "Chief Quality" range of Pöschl along with Red Bull. Its nothing like Red Bull of course, other than the American Indian crest on it. The package also identifies it as "Fruit Snuff". Its pretty typical Pöschl style snuff. It has the slightly moist oil base taxture, and menthol. Its superior to any of the fruit flavors in the Ozona range, as it has somewhat less menthol and the fruit flavor does not seem as synthetic or like cough medicine. It does have the charcteristic waxyness of the brand, but its not causing me unpleasant throat drip/gagging as so many of them do. Its not overly sweet as those, but it is a sweeter than I would like. Also after the menthol and fruit fade a bit I can actually taste the underlying tobacco. The tobacco scent is very much like you will get in Lotzbeck Premium Mild. I'm sure I will never buy this one again (notwithstanding the fact that it has been discontinued) but its not going to be a chore to finish as some of the ones I have.

Rating 3/5 (grading on a curve compared to other Pöschl products)
Style: German menthol/flavored snuff
Color: reddish brown
Grind: demigross
Moisture: medium, oil moistened


  • Poschl Chief Bull Fruit Snuff


    It took almost an hour to dig an image of this long-discontinued snuff, so... here we are;-).

    And a question for those who are familiar with this Chief - was it any similar to Red Bull Aromatic (now Red Bull A-Type), which comes in 10 g sachet?
  • bobbob Member
    if it is I'd be interested. I liked Chief Bull more then it deserved. It's a fake generic fruit snuff and awesome.
  • @volunge interesting. How’s the homemade snuff recipes going? Have you as yet made a book of all the snuff recipes?
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