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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Artisan Snuff

Haggis2021Haggis2021 Member
edited January 7 in General
Has anyone tried these artisan snuffs. They seem to be made by Toque and are being sold on their site and The artisan site seems to be the toque site with a different front end similar to MrSnuff and Snuff store but at least Toque are charging the same price on both sites.


  • UweUwe Member
    I have ordered some of them (rappees) and waiting for the eagle to land. 
  • I've tried the Ficus Rappee and highly recommended it. Beautiful natural scenting of fig and lemon on a rich moist tobacco base.
  • UweUwe Member
    edited January 22 PM
    The Artrisan Dark Rappee is a wonderful classical Rappee: deep black in color, coarse and very moist with just natural tobacco aroma. Simplicity in perfection. There are some clumps in it, so it can be useful to sieve it. 

    The Artisan Robusta Rappee seems to be the same base with a mild coffee scenting. 

    I can recommend both snuffs. They are great. 
  • Artisan Ficus and Juniper Rappees are both excellent. I’ve had them for almost a week and now wish I had ordered three or four of each. The other ones I have are Resolute, Fireman’s, and JP. These too are really nice, unique easy to take. I hope he soon will offer them in larger tins or economy bags.
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