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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

SWS Lundy Foote vs WoS Irish 22

I got a tin of both from @MrSnuff a week or so ago. Immediately, the Lundy Foote (which I really wish they would rename "Irish Blackguard," because of course they should!) endeared itself to me and continues to hold the number 1 spot on my list of faves so far. Irish 22 wasn't bad, I found: the scent was milder and the product maybe slightly drier. The biggest difference I noticed was in the nic hit. Lundy Foote seemed like it took its merry time to fully hit (for me, anyway), while the effect of the Irish 22 was more immediate.

Has anyone else tried both these snuffs? What was your impression of the difference between them?


  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited August 2021 PM
    I haven't had Lundy Foote in a few years, but I recall the grind was much more coarse than No 22's very fine grind. My nose doesn't like many artisan snuffs, sadly, and I didn't get along with Lundy Foote. Lovely, but it irritated my nose and had a rough backdrip.  The No 22 is fine, dry, and--while arguably more difficult to sniff--I certainly found it more accessible. The scent is bready and buttery and I never have issues with irritation.

    If the No 22 appeals to you, try the Toque Natural Toast. (Assuming you've already tried and fallen in love with High Dry Toast! :D) They're all three very similar.

    If the Lundy Foote is up your alley... keep buying it. I can't think of anything similar to my memory of it!
  • @SHbickel to each his own. Toasts, scotches and schmalzlers are the snuffs I gravitate most toward in my brief sojourn in the world of nose tobacco. Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but once I got used to the dreaded backdrip, I actually began to enjoy it. But I will certainly give the Natural Toast and High Dry Toast a shotaroosky when I make my next order in a month or so!
  • Try to include St.James Parish and Havana Toast  to your next order and you won't regret!
    and of course the powerful madras (M.G,Dragon)
  • @tobaccobob Sure will! I got 8g of MG Madras and...tbh wasn't all that impressed. Couldn't really get past the cow scent. Maybe just something I need to have a few times before I appreciate it, but it didn't leave me with a good first impression.
  • @BeavisMalverde Don't get me wrong, I think our tastes are aligned. And there nothing better than the guilty pleasure of swallowing a tasty back drip, particularly from a toast. But unfortunately my body simply doesn't jive with a lot of the artisans. There's a sort of alcohol burn and irritation that makes me think I'm mildly allergic, so the back drip can be like acid. (Maybe the pH balance is too high for my assuredly-not-hard body?)

    Anyway, I encourage you to tuck that MG Madras away for a while and revisit it in a couple months/years. Tastes change, and that snuff is much loved around these parts.

  • So I made a MrSnuff purchase, including some High Dry T. It took a few good bumps of it to really appreciate, but now I'm hooked. Lundy Foote just doesn't taste the same as it did now that I have HDT to compare it to! I also followed @tobaccobob 's recommendation and got some St James Parish and Havana Toast, which I haven't tried yet but will put an assessment when I do!
  • You may also enjoy Viking Blond. 
  • @Deez that was one of the first two I tried. A nice one!
  • @BeavisMalverde Viking hasn't let me down so far.
  • @Deez Their dark is my favorite of theirs that I've tried so far. Scotch Dark is good, too, on occasion.
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    I’ve never tried Lundy Foote, but it’s a little out of my price range. But F and T and WoS are my mainstay toasts.
  • Lundy Foote gets my vote. What’s a bit odd is it’s the only one in there lineup that I keep coming back to.
  • Lundy Foot for me in this Pepsi Challange 
  • Lundy Foot for me too. And I say that as a regular 22 and HDT snuffer. It has an incredible depth of aroma.
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