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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @huysman Thank you
  • Hello! I've named myself "Junipero" in this forum, it's just the name of a tree which I find kind of nice. My real name is Julian and I'm from Argentina. I've been snuffing for about one and a half year and I've become fond of it. Happy to become a part of this online community!
  • Welcome Junipero. Coincidentally, I planted two Juniper bushes in my garden a few days ago. One of my favourite scents. :) Enjoy the forum
  • Thank you, Omgroma. I actually do not know the smell of them, so I will have to find one!
  • Hey @junipero :-) Welcome to the elite international snuff crew, great to have you :-) 
  • Thank you, @MisterPaul!
  • runscottrunscott Member
    Hello from Tacoma, Washington.  I was doing some searches on snuff stuff, and found your forum.  I'm mostly a pipe-smoker, but have had some long-COVID issues that smoking is aggravating, so turned to snuff, and so far no issues.
  • Denver (Colorado, USA) snuff user. Found out about it in High School in the late 2000's. Haven't started to really get into it until the last couple years. Used to dip ...snuff is more interesting!

    Looking forward to some light interactions on the topic here :)
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Welcome clsmoothie to the board
  • A big hello to both @runscott & clsmoothie - Welcome to the transcontinental snuff fiend underground ;-)    :)) =))
  • Thank you @ar47 and @MisterPaul
  • juniperojunipero Member
    Welcome to the new members!
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    A very warm welcome to @clsmoothie and @runscott. Enjoy the community!
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