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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Looking for Opinions on Nicotine Levels of Some Coarse English Snuffs

highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
edited May 1 in Snufftaking
Is anyone able to provide comparisons of the nicotine levels from the following snuffs in comparison Africa from WoS?

F&T Santo Domingo
Samuel Gawith Silky Dark
WoS Brunswick Black Rapee

From what I understand Viking also offer some coarse snuffs with higher levels of nicotine but I have the idea that they likely are rebadged snuffs from WoS.

For what it's worth I'll add that I like the burn and nicotine level from Africa but find the scent to verge on the cloying.


  • volungevolunge Member
    All three are stronger than Africa. The strongest is Silky Dark (ex SG Viking Dark / SS Black Magic).
  • @volunge When you have a chance please rank Silky Dark, Santo Domingo and Brunswich from least to most nicotine
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2 PM
    Don't have any of them at hand to make a pinch-by-pinch comparison, so this assessment must be taken with a half grain of salt:

    1. WoS Brunswick Black Rappee and WoS M&W Black Rappe / WoS Viking Dark Rappee; also Toque Artisan Rappee snuffs, based on the same rappee porridge (no pun, simply cannot call that stuff flour). From one to ten, I would rate their potency 5-6.

    2. Santo Domingo. A tad stronger than the aforesaid, but mind you, I had my last pinch ten years ago. 6-7 out of 10.

    3. Silky Dark - genuine Viking Dark, aka SnuffStore Black Magic. Absolute winner in the nicotine department, when it comes to coarse and moist English snuffs, 8-9 out of 10.

    Out of all WoS-made Vikings I have only tried Dark Rappee, Blonde and Thor's Hammer, and found them all just of medium potency (5-6/10). I assume that other Vikings would score the same.

    P. S. Bear in mind, that WoS-made moist dark snuffs rated "5" (max) on WoS potency scale on their website not necessarily are stronger than SP type snuffs those rated "4", and are weaker than SP type snuffs rated "5". WoS potency scale has rather low ceiling for strength - they don't use really strong tobacco.
  • @volunge As any fule kno a good deed never goes unpunished.  How about your opinion on the top three SPs with regard to nicotine level?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 3 PM
    WoS Gold Label and Grand Cairo used to be very satisfying in terms of nicotine delivery. They were most potent Wilsons snuffs (among all their types). Jaxons SP Premium wasn't bad. But I'm not sure if they still are made from the same tobaccos, and if you find them of rather disappointing strength, don't blame me mentioning them.

    To mention some less potent ones – GH SP, J.&H. Wilson SP No.1, WoS Best SP, Tom Buck, SP 100, Toque Original. More or less nice snuffs, but rather underwhelming in nicotine department.

    Some would probably chime in recommending Toque SP Extra. I have only tried the plain base of this snuff - Toque Quit. It is noticeably stronger than Toque Original, but I found its widely boasted potency somewhat overrated. The only truly strong Toque's snuff is USA Whiskey & Honey. Also, it's the consensus of opinion that this snuff is head and shoulders above the rest Toque snuffs, when it comes to potency (but it's a high dried type, i. e. fine and dry snuff, not an SP).
  • @highdrytoast - If you want an SP with hard hitting vitamin N, try the Artisan Snuff JP, a good proportion of rustic in that gives it more punch than most. Reminds me slightly of Nigel's Toasted SP. 
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    I have tried them all, and still use most off and on. I don’t notice the nicotine levels like I used to. I always take several pinches of any snuff. Never just one on each side. And I tend to use several snuffs in succession so that the N level increases over time. I do notice that the Cheetah and Tapkir snuffs from 6photo require less than most coarse dark ones, But that could be due to the fineness of the grind.
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