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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Gawith & Hoggarth - Yay or Nay?



  • I've tried 15 of their range and there are three I always keep in stock:-

    dry Orange
    sea breezes
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I've now tried a total of 5. They are all quality snuffs. I have not encountered anything "chemical" yet. There are plenty of other snuffs made by more popular brands that I find very "chemical" tasting. I think it all boils down to our different taste.
  • Gawith Hoggarth isn't bad at all~
    I love their CM, JASMIN, and WILD MINT.
    All quality snuff!
  • Some of the fruity and floral ones have that "chemical" taste. I thought Jasmin was the worst culprit.
    I find most of them to be good though.
  • Received a Kendal Brown by GH today - it has exactly the same horrible chemical aroma as the others from the manufacturer. It's too disgusting and goes in the bin immediately! Will not buy that stuff ever again...
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Don't throw it away! Send it to me! :^)
  • @cstokes
    Arrghh! Mom did always like you best! (Smother's Brothers punch line.)
    Found it interesting that their sign uses the American spelling "licensed".
    I still have yet to try any of these. Lack of funds and a handy 25g. option are to blame.
  • apap Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    I really like GH Kendal Brown too.
  • A proper manly snuff if ever there was one, GH Kendal Brown.
  • I ordered a tin of spartan when I first started snuffing and I have to admit, I couldn't tolerate it. I wound up giving it to a friend. Now, having originally disliked the first Toque I tried, and then grown to love the other snuff the company offers, is there one GH that I should try before dismissing this company.
  • Viking: don't throw it out~~~ If there's ever anything you don't like, you can trade it with any one of us.
  • itsuke/cstoke/ap > of course, I agree, but I find it is too expensive to pay for shipping around half the world for one small container. I won't throw it out - I promise :o)
  • I have two nearly full containers of GH snuffs - Strawberry, which was one of my first purchases, and Tia Maria, which I only bought to mix with SG Black Coffee.
    Neither of them do it for me at all. There is definitely some 'chemical' taste there in both of them that to me hinders the actual supposed flavour of the snuff.
    I would go as far as to say that GH Strawberry is the worst snuff I've ever tried.
    Sea Breezes, on the other hand, which I got a sample of from leman is lovely - I don't taste the sea, but it is very refreshing.
  • Sea Breezes is awesome. It smells more like an algae and barnacle covered old wooden pier with old ropes and seagulls than the sea itself. I reccomend SP, Sea Breezes, Fluerette, Dry Orange, English Rose. I would recommend avoiding the Jasmin. I also recommend decanting these into a snuffbox or empty round tin. They are much improved by pinching.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I tap out onto the back of my hand and pinch from there. I love them so far. It's made me quite mad at myself that I didn't order them sooner.
  • I just took a pinch of Strawberry. I like it myself, but I can see why some might be put off. This character is not in all of the GH snuffs though.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    The Strawberry is a bit perfumy. But I think it's still good. Fluerette is a little on the too perfumy side for me, but I'll still enjoy it from time to time.
  • @Xander, I think their Jasmin is great (much better than the sickly soap-on-a-rope Wilsons version) and would heartedly recommend it. But then you have to like the jasmine and tobacco flavour combination.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    Sorry sandy, I absolutly adore the scent of Jasmine flowers, but the GH one smells nothing like that to me. The Wilson's I like, though it also does not smell like Jasmine, but it does seem more natural. I don't know how they get the smell into it, but it must have the oil of the flowers concentrated somehow rather then scenting with the actual flowers. The QWS one smells like Jasmine, but is very artificial tasting and way too overpwering. Dean Swift is identical to the Wilson's but is made awful by the addition of menthol.
    So if I had to pick, it would be the Wilson's, but so far no Jasmine snuff has won me over. Are there any others?
  • old time thread revivial band ... GH ... Yay! In my adventures with Toast i have found i am completely addicted to the sour notes of Irish D ... has me really looking strongly at GH's complete line. Sounds like, from the tone of this 2009 thread that the general consensus is there is a fake or chemical nature to GH's snuff ... does this still hold true? Not to mention I am liking their 25g tubs as much as FT's tins.
  • get the tubs,snuff in the boxes tend to dry out faster.
  • You have to get the tubs to get the true 'flavour' of them rather than just sand. I've only tried a few, but one of the first snuffs I had was English Rose, to which I am still quite partial...
  • absolutely ... 25g tubs are what i have in the Irish D ... learned my lesson on tap boxes via Samuel Gawith
  • I like English Rose a lot. A good dose of scent without being pretty or cloying. Something a bit sour when fresh (purely a tobacco effect I think) offsets the sweetness. Great scented snuff without getting any where near me lady's handbag. The SP is as good as any I know apart from my favourite SG SP no1 HM (which is a fairly eccentric SP in any case). It is bright and very fresh. GH Kendall Brown is definitive for me (has anyone else detected the cheesy/racidity of this snuff when completely fresh?). The only one I don't go for is M4X. I don't go for this sort of thing (clogging). But I've just tried some and it's demmned good.

    I think they are great. But I don't think you can expect 'pretty' even with their florals. Invidious to compare them with SGs. Two distinct families of snuffs. Most of them only use a little bit of moisture but that bit is vital and once it's gone they are dead in the box. Rhinorrhea ensues.
  • @petersuki ... appreciate this analysis ... it is exactly that sour note that has me hooked. i find it weird that i am craving it in the Irish D.

    How does GH Kendal Brown compare to WoS'?
  • I have not tried WoS. I believe the cognoscenti hold that that is not a true Kendall Brown at all. F&T is not the real thing either, I have some and don't really relish it. So what was KB originally?

    The GH Kendall Brown is closer to a black rappee, though not so sticky. It has the texture of a moister schmalzler, fine ground but moist, and something of the same feel in the nose (though more comfortable if you get my drift). As I've said several times about this one, it is slighly rancid/cheesy when quite fresh. It has no scent that I have detected, just very nice to have in the nose. I go back to it time and time again despite having many more exotic fragrances available. The SG KB is a little dryer and courser. Classy stuff, but quite different -maybe a 'true' KB that's been house trained. Love em both. Not too interested in WoS one, though I might give it a go some time. I think the GH one, like some of their rope and twist tobaccos is exactly what it purports to be, - in this case 'Kendall Brown'. Good Stuff. Great that these things are still available.
  • BartBart Member
    Like it's been said, I think the first reviews in this thread were written by those who only tried the weezer-boxes. I'm so glad I was able to try both SG and GH in larger, fresher tubs. Both great in their own way.
    Especially CM. The first time I had it, it was like a menthol snowflake touching down on a hot windshield while you let the car warm up in the driveway. So easy to take...Very nice indeed!!
  • Yay
  • Yes this is indeed an old thread, from before the time they released the mini-tubs. GH has since redeemed themselves in the eyes of many, myself included, although I never disliked them entirely.
  • I am recently back taking nasal snuff. I got some samples. Out of all the G&H ones I really like the Lakeland. SG's London Brown and Princess dark are on the top of my list. SG's HDT Light I think is really good. I am so glad this site is here
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