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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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Detroit MI


  • AlKindiSnuff
    Seen your post about keeping snuffs in mini fridge I put all my used and unused snuffs in there tins and glass Decants. The tins I put in plastic bags especially the F&T snuffs hopefully it’s ok. I thought about putting in heartfelt beads for cigar humidification and can recharge them with distilled water and refresh wet when I need to,Put in big Tupperware and put on bottom of mini-fridge. Maybe that will work cool and humidity surrounding snuffs may help. But then some members think cool or cold could make snuff dry out. Man hard things decisions to think on. I have a shitload of snuffs and want them as optimal as I can for both used and un-used tins and jars alike. Your thoughts? On Heartfelt Cigar Humidification Beads inside the mini fridge? Would seem ok as long as tins are in plastic bags I guess. All glass jars and plastic tubs should be ok just putting in fridge.
    November 2020
  • JosephJames
    Tube amp in your pic? I build some small ones. My pic is 6146s in my Kenwood transceiver.
    November 2016
    • jmahes
      Hey man yep!
      It's an early 70's Marshall 50 watt with 6550 power tubes. I love working on vintage tube gear.
      Aren't they fun?
    • TigerJackshere
      Yes It is a Maco 750 in which I have 2 of them, I also have 3 Maco 300's & one Maco Brute , My station is a Galaxy DX 2517 into the Maco 750 into a Heathkit SB220, I have several various amps one Siltronics one Fatboy 4 pill plug in the wall unit. My call numbers for skip is 325 Arkansas Local call name is FenceMan. G'Day
    • TigerJackshere
      The tubes in my Maco's are 2057's & the tubes in the Heathkit are 500z tubes
  • snuff_it_up
    Hey man.. u in mass?
    September 2015